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Press Release

Evangelical leaders launch ‘Our Church Votes’ to rapidly increase voter registration state by state, beginning in Virginia, Georgia, California

My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan movement that motivates, equips, and activates Christians in America to participate in elections, has launched Our Church Votes, a campaign to equip pastors and encourage church attendees to register to vote in upcoming national and local elections, beginning in Virginia, Georgia, and California.


How the Left and the Right View COVID-19

Can a virus be political? Recent research suggests many people are viewing the Coronavirus crisis through an ideological lens. Here are a few reasons why politics are affecting how people approach the coronavirus disease.

Election Watch

Election Watch - May 12, 2020

A Bellwether Special Election, and COVID’s Influence on Voting


State Election Date Changes Due to COVID-19 (as of 5/15/20)

Check here to see if your state has made any election date changes or requirements for voting.


The Importance of Local Elections

How states and cities respond to the Coronavirus outbreak will have massive ramifications on citizens' lives and their quality of life.

Election Watch

Election Watch - Apr 23, 2020

Bernie Drops Out, Convention Moved


My Faith Votes Conversation with Gov. Mike Huckabee

Watch our conversation with Gov. Mike Huckabee to hear his valuable insight on elections in the face of the coronavirus.

Press Release

My Faith Votes Survey: 6 in 10 Christians have an even higher view of President Trump during COVID-19 crisis

Six in ten self-identified Christians said they have an even higher view of President Trump because of his leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey of over 10,000 people conducted by the nonpartisan voter mobilization group My Faith Votes.

Election Watch

Election Watch - Feb 11, 2020

Buttigieg on the Bible, Abortion, and Trusting Women


National Voter Registration Sunday Success

My Faith Votes volunteers and church leaders across 42 states participated in the first-ever National Voter Registration Sunday.


Every Vote Matters

With over 80,000 local and state elections taking place across the nation this year, it’s important to look back on just how incredibly close some of the state legislative races were in 2018.


Our Constitution is Remarkable

Constitution. For most people that word brings to mind the image of an old, fragile piece of parchment. But consider the word a little longer than that initial image. What does constitution really mean?


Faith Takeaway Points from Trump’s 2020 Announcement

On Tuesday evening, President Trump delivered his official 2020 presidential announcement speech to a packed arena of supporters in Florida, where he discussed his accomplishments from his time in office and his goals for the future.


My Faith Votes’ ‘Because I Care’ Campaign Equips 325,000 Students on 117 Christian Colleges to Vote in Midterms

Because of the efforts of My Faith Votes and im2moro the youngest generation of Christian voters on campuses across the country have been prepared to vote, and more importantly, they recognize voting is not a partisan act, it is a biblical act that brings faith into the communities.


Gov. Mike Huckabee, Bishop Harry Jackson and Jason Yates Explain ‘Why Your Vote Matters’ on TBN’s ‘Huckabee’

“We want believers to pray, think about the issues from a biblical worldview, get informed about those issues and then vote from that biblical worldview.” -Jason Yates, CEO My Faith Votes


Should School Choice Matter to Christians?

This is an issue that many believe is too complicated, better left to the educational experts and our government officials to solve. Yet, it’s an issue that gambles with the future of our children. And more importantly, it’s one that scripture speaks to clearly...


Tomorrow, Christians Will Choose Our Next World Leader

Each of us makes thousands of decisions every day. Some decisions are good ones; eat a healthy meal, do something special to honor our spouse, purpose to play with our children. Some decisions are not so good; order that extra fast food item we didn’t need, sleep in and skip the gym, watch our favorite TV episode in lieu of reading our Bible. Just like this election, no matter what life brings in our paths, EVERY decision has at least two options; one would have a positive effect and the other a negative.