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25 million Christians who are registered to vote won’t vote in the upcoming presidential election unless we motivate and equip them to vote!

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Sep 18, 2019

More than 2,200 Aborted Babies’ Bodies Found in Former Doctor’s Home

California Legislature Approves Measure Criticizing Pastors For Not Embracing LGBT Identities

Middle East Escalation: Iran’s ‘Unprecedented Attack’ on World’s Energy Supply

Most Believers Say They Don’t Need Others for Discipleship


Unique From Day One

On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, My Faith Votes gathered alongside hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters in Washington DC to stand for life. We marched down Constitution Avenue to the steps of the Supreme Court armed with a new approach to the anti-abortion movement -- pro-life is pro-science.

SCOTUS Watch | July 26, 2019

In this edition of SCOTUS Watch, our focus is on three decisions made by the Supreme Court. The cases covered are Kisor v. Wilkie, Lancu v. Brunetti, and Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck.

90 Million Christians

There are 90 million Christians in America, but as many as 25 million fail to vote in the Presidential cycle. As many as 72 million do not vote in local elections. We’re determined to change that.

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The Daily Article by Dr. Jim Denison

The latest on the Emmy Awards: How to win the ‘crown of life’


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Our Constitution is Remarkable

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My Faith Votes Arms Hundreds of Churches to host Voter Registration Sunday, Sept. 22

Christians Can’t Be Silent

Our faith is 24/7. For Christians, it should be the driver behind every decision in their lives. That’s why our goal is to motivate, equip and activate all 90 million Christians in America to Pray, Think, Act and Vote to transform our communities and influence our nation for good.

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"My goal is simple - to see every single Christian in America show up for every single election to make their voices heard. It's time for people of faith to step up to the plate and lead our nation."

Mike Huckabee, My Faith Votes Honorary National Chairman

“What I love about My Faith Votes is that it helps people to recognize that being a person of faith does not delete the responsibility to take part in the society in which you’re living.”

Dr. Ben Carson, My Faith Votes Founding Honorary Chairman

"“In an election year, part of your Christianity is going to the voting booth and making a selection. It is our right as Americans, and it is our sacred responsibility as Christians.”

Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries

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Today, on Constitution Day, we celebrate the founding document that has guided America for more than 200 years. It has set us apart from other democracies around the world as a Constitutional Republic. We encourage you to take a few minutes to thank God for this great American experiment that has brought peace and prosperity to Americans and millions of others across the world.

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