My Faith Votes | A Conversation with NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson


A Conversation with NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson

August 14, 2021 | Megan West | |

In 2018, a concerned citizen showed up at his city council meeting and gave a passionate speech about 2nd amendment rights that went viral. Speaking up at that city council meeting catapulted Mark Robinson to something extraordinary because just two years later, the political novice was elected to serve as the 35th Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

We had the opportunity to talk with the Lt. Gov. and glean his faith-filled perspective on important issues such as abortion, the right to bear arms, Critical Race Theory, serving with political foes, and Christian engagement in politics. Watch here.

“If you get out of bed in the morning, you're involved in politics. In fact, if you do not get up out of bed in the morning, you're still involved in politics, from the cradle to the grave and even past the grave. Politics affects every aspect of life and death from every place, where you worship to where you work. And so you have two choices. You can do politics or you can allow politics to do you.” - North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson


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This is so great to hear truth from my brother in North Carolina!