My Faith Votes | A Conversation with Lt. Col. Allen West: What's At Stake


A Conversation with Lt. Col. Allen West: What's At Stake

With over 100,000 elections taking place in 2022, there is a lot at stake for our communities, states, and nation this year. Jason Yates, My Faith Votes CEO, candidly talks with Lt. Col. Allen West about the critical upcoming Midterm Election...and that it all boils down to individual rights. Allen and Jason encourage Christians to understand "how" and "why" Christians can be engaged and vote.

"...the thing that I want folks to be able to do is to go say, 'I'm voting for something, not just voting against something.' And I believe that we have to present to them that their individual rights, freedoms, liberty, and their security is at stake, being their economic security."

" says in Psalm 11:3, when the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? The righteous need to get engaged, the righteous need to get involved. The righteous need to be encouraged. The righteous need to vote their faith."

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Jason Yates: My faith Votes is so blessed in so many ways to be connected to some people who have real influence in our nation and people who have served in politics and understand what's at stake and what we as, yes, the body of Christ, what we need to do and what our call needs to be. And I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to partner with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. 

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is the national spokesperson for My Faith Votes. Thank you for that, by the way. And just coming alongside us and first of all, partnering with us, but secondly, believing in what we're doing. I, I know you believe it's important. 

And we're just grateful because you're doing an incredible amount to serve and save this nation. And I want to thank you, too, for all that you're doing. But thanks for joining me here today.

Allen West:  Well, it's my pleasure to be with you, Jason. And, you know, my dad raised me on a very simple premise. He said, Never have, folks. Thank you for doing what's right. So being a part of this organization is just what's right. And it really is a blessing for me more than anything else. And the importance of my faith votes is to understand that when you look at the Bible in second Corinthians 317, it says that the Lord is the spirit and we're the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom or some verses say there is liberty. And the uniqueness of the United States of America is a country that was founded on Judeo-Christian faith heritage principles. The fact is that when you look at our Declaration of Independence and it says that the inalienable rights of the individual, their life, their liberty, their pursuit of happiness, they are endowed those things by the Creator, God, the Judeo-Christian God. No other nation has been founded on that premise. And when you think about the natural rights theory of John Locke, the true classical liberal, he got this all started in Thomas Jefferson, read him, and he even quoted him in the declaration with the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. So we've got to get back to that very first principle, that foundation of the United States of America as a constitutional republic, the longest-running constitutional republic that the world has ever known. But unfortunately, as many of us Christians know, and I'm sure you will know in Psalm 11:3, it says, When the foundations are being destroyed, what shall the righteous do? And I'm telling you, I believe that that verse inspired you along with your dad, to create My Faith Votes.

Jason: Well, and it is about our faith, right? I mean, Hebrews 11:6 says Without faith, it's impossible to please God. And so we recognize that is the foundation, just as what you're saying. It is what it's it's our identity. And that's what compels us to action. It's what compels us to be involved and engaged. And I just got to go back to what you just said about the declaration. It is the uniqueness of our nation. No other nation is. Setting aside and saying, you know what? The laws the principles that we serve are above us. It's beyond us. It is from our Creator. And so we submit first and foremost to those. Those aren't things we make up our freedoms, our liberties. Those things don't come from a man-made principle. It is given to us. And that's where today, you know, our secularists obviously have always got it wrong. But that's where they're really getting it wrong these days, it seems.

Allen: No, you're absolutely right. But the thing is, this is really purposeful and intentional because secular humanists go right along with progressive socialists and Marxists. And the thing is that people don't want to see folks who have faith in something they can't control, faith in something that is greater than them, faith that is above and beyond mass conception. They want us to have faith in them. And so, therefore, they're the giver and also the taker of the rights and freedoms and liberties. They are the ones that can redefine what rights are based upon their ideology. And truthfully, Jason, I think what you see happening is a leftist religion that is being created in the United States of America. You know, same-sex marriage, you know, murdering unborn babies in the womb, this whole gender dysphoria, all of these things. And if you don't agree with it and you don't conform to it and go along with it, then you will be persecuted and prosecuted. Look at what is happening with churches and pro-life centers being vandalized and some of them being firebombed in the United States of America. So, you know, we're getting back to that point where we're not quite yet going back into the arena, but we're certain you know, there are those who want to push us back into the catacombs.

Jason: Yeah. All right. Well, we got a lot to talk about here because you just named a few things. But let's just start with what's at stake. Not even the issues, right? I mean, they're kind of tied together. But let's be clear about some of the things that are at stake in November for these midterm elections. And let's just kind of break it down in terms of even the enormity of the number of elections that are taking place. Right. You know this better than I do, but we have every seat in the House. The U.S. House. We have actually it's 35 with one or two special elections in the Senate. So 35 seats in U.S. Senate. There are 36 governors. So if you just go to those big elections right there, that's a whole lot to be voting for. Here's one thing that I learned recently. 84% of the state legislatures are up for election. Yeah, man. And then you keep going down in. It's tens of thousands of more elections. There's a lot at stake.

Allen: Yeah, it is. And not to even mention all of the independent school districts of school board seats that are out there. And I think that we now realize how important the education of our children is, not the indoctrination, how important school board seats are, as well as the state board of Education. But when you talk about what's at stake in this election, SEC is very simple. In the United States of America, the individual is sovereign and the individual is sovereign because of their rights, their freedoms, their liberties, it comes from a sovereign God. But right now, we're at a dividing point in our country where, well, we still see the individual as sovereign. And the United States of America was established on that premise and also the belief that the individual is supreme over the institution of government. But yet now we see the institution of government trying to supersede the individual in every way, shape or form and fashion. It all the undermining of the liberties and freedoms of Americans. Who would have ever thought the government could come down and say, you can't have your business open? You know, small business owner: Walmart can be open, the liquor store can be open, the marijuana dispensary, you know store can be open, the abortion clinic can be open. Or you have a government that comes down and says, churches, you got to shut your doors while the Walmart is still open. Now you can go to Walmart and you can shop all you want. You go to Mickey D's and get your Happy Meal and a Big Mac, but you can't go to church. As a matter of fact, even if you show up in the parking lot of the church, we're going to. Fine. You were going to take down your license plate because we're not allowing you to come out. That is what's at stake in the United States of America.

Jason: I mean, to go so far as to say you can't sing in church. Get in the door. But we, as your authority, are going to say, no, you can't sing. You can't have a choir or the choir. I mean, all of those rules were just draconian for sure.

Allen: They're beyond draconian. They're unconstitutional. And once again, you know everything about this nation. And we're not talking about instituting a theocracy here in America, because that's always the retort from the progressive socialists. You want to rule us by the Bible? No. And it's really interesting how they have nothing to say against Islamic extremists who, you know, like in Afghanistan, we just turn that country right back over to real theocrats. And I spent two and a half years there, and I can tell you some horror stories. But what we're talking about is understanding the foundations of fundamentals of this great nation. And it's so funny. And I think Christians need to realize that there are two books of the law that they need to, you know, not turn from the right or to the left to meditate upon day and night so that they can have success and prosperity wherever you go. That's what God told Joshua. And chapter one versus five. You know, you got the Bible, but you also have the Constitution. And when we don't study and understand these fundamentals, then we get people that, you know, ascribe to powers that they really do not have. You know, from our fundamental documents and also from just basically understanding our Judeo-Christian faith heritage, look at what is happening with the release of violent criminals back onto the streets and the race of murder and all of this crime that is going up. You know this is, again, a violation of some fundamentals. You know, I just saw the videotape of the flash mob that went into a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, and they just start taking stuff out of there. Well, guess what? It says one of the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not steal. Okay. So if you want to get away from those fundamentals, then this is what you're going to end up having. That's what's at stake.

Jason: Yeah. Unfortunately, a flash mob in the 7-Eleven isn't a new image these days. I mean, you see the flash mob in Walgreens and you see the flash mob in all kinds of stores. It is rampant, rampant in at least a lot of the major urban areas. And it comes down to lawlessness where that's not really being enforced. I'm not really sure, Allen, what they expect to accomplish by that. I guess it's a desired utopia where everyone I don't even know what it is. No, I can understand it, to be honest.

Allen: Well, what they believe is that they're creating just, you know, this ability. There are no rules. The rules only apply to them and how they see the rules to apply. And so they will tell you that one of your, you know, rights that you have in the Constitution and enumerated right to the individual to be able to keep and bear arms, we're going to take that away from you. But we're going to continue to allow criminals to go out there and do as they wish. And so when you talk about all these things that are at stake, again, it's all about the fundamentals. You know, I love college football and I'm so excited that we're about to in a couple of weeks, have college football start. But one of the things about college football is that there are fundamentals to it. There's blocking and tackling, and that's it. Now, if someone and I went to the University of Tennessee, I grew up down south. If someone were to come out and say that we are going to fundamentally transform SCC college football, things would stop. Everyone would say, What are you talking about? But yet in 2008, you know, when Barack Obama was at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and he said, we're five days away from fundamentally transforming in the United States of America. No one says stop. What are you talking about? What are we transforming from? What are we transforming to? And now we see this slow transformation. Now you hear the words of the progressive socialist left, the secular humanist, what they mean by this transformation, this transition that we're in, economic transition, energy transition, our moral transition. And so there's so much at stake. And that's why the body of Christ. This is our moment.

Jason:  You know, I heard someone once say, you know, generations have failed the young. Or generations when they don't teach them how to share the gospel or how to discuss the uniqueness of our nation. And when both of those aren't happening, we're creating a generation that can't stand on anything. They're not able to stand for their virtues, their values, their faith. They're not able to stand on the ideals that our nation was created on and our nation and is going to keep it unique and different. 74% of Americans today say we're headed in the wrong direction. I'm guessing that for various reasons, it's not all aligned with why they think we're heading in the wrong direction. But, you know, in general, everybody's thinking, wow, things aren't going well.

Allen: You bring up a great point. And again, you know, it relates right back to the Bible. That's why I say the Bible is one of the greatest leadership manuals that the world has ever known. You know, folks talk about George Washington's farewell address and they talk about Ronald Reagan's farewell address. I would implore people to read Joshua's farewell address in Chapter 24, the book of Joshua, and especially in verse 15, where he says: "Choose will you sell today whom you shall serve in the gods of the embrace of the gods from across the river. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." And of course, the host of Israel agreed with him. And they said that we will continue to serve the Lord. And Joshua says, you will be held witness, you'll be held accountable for what you're saying. They say we will serve the Lord and we are willing to be held. Witness will flip over to the next book in the Bible and Judges.. where it talks about how Joshua and the generations after Joshua had passed away. And guess what happened with the children of Israel? Their worst worship... They worship the gods of the people and the lands that they live in. One of the gods of the battles was Moloch, the god of child sacrifice and the anger of the Lord burned against him. So you're right. When we stop telling the story, when we stop talking about these things in our homes, in our churches, in our schools, then this is the path that we go down.

Jason: Yeah, man. All right, so let's let's talk about these midterm elections, and I'd like to hear from you. What do you see as the big rocks, the big issues, and why? What is it as we approach the ballot box? What are the things we most need to consider?

Allen: Well, I will tell you that the thing that I want folks to be able to do is to go say, I'm voting for something, not just voting against something. And I believe that we have to present to them that their individual rights, freedoms, liberty, and their security is at stake, being it their economic security. I mean, people feel it when they go to the grocery stores, when they go to the gas pump. We want to talk and hire 87,000 new IRS agents. Just ain't going to fix inflation. I think we all can agree with that. But it's also the energy security America. When it was energy independent, we were able to take care of our wants and needs as far as our energy concerns. That's a big issue. I think that also our educational security, being able to make sure that our children are being educated and not agitated is very clear. And it's very important. Our domestic security. You look at what is happening, border security, what is happening. You know, we're talking about 5 million people were coming to the United States of America illegally. And just the past two years, almost, that is an invasion. And the Constitution talks about that innovation and a try to get people to understand comparatively. When you hear people, Jason, saying that there are 800,000 illegal immigrants that have got a way, people that we don't know where they are with that number, 800,000 is larger than the active duty strength of our United States Army and the United States Marine Corps combined. So in essence, you have 800,000 you have a force inside the United States of America this greater than your own army, your own Marine Corps. Those are the type of things that we need to be talking about. And for Christians, we have got to be serious about understanding the very first liberty that you have in the Constitution. And our Bill of Rights is the freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. If we are forced to to to bow down to the ideological religion of this secular humanist and progressive socialist Marxist left, then what are we left with?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. It doesn't mean we steer away from our faith or we don't trust that we press in with confidence in who Christ is and the hope that gives. But we are called, you know, our Lord taught us how to pray. And he said, Yeah. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You know, this isn't a prayer that says, okay, we got an escape hatch and we're just going to we're going to strap ourselves in. And at the end, we're going to lift lifted off away from this earth. No, it's about engaging. It's about bringing the influence of the kingdom of God here on Earth. And we heard our Lord pray that and how powerful. So when you think about I mean, here, you talk about a number of these things. Let's talk about one in particular because I'd love to get your thoughts because I'm not so sure. The body of Christ isn't necessarily thinking that life is still a top issue. I think that, you know, with all the rhetoric around what happened with the Dobbs case and I know you and I have talked about this, which is it wasn't overturning Roe. It was correct. It was correcting Roe and in the way it was decided. But I think there's a lot of people who are thinking, you know, maybe that isn't as important anymore. There was this major decision at the Supreme Court, and now we can move on to other things. And we don't have to be single-issue voters anymore. And so what are your thought? I mean, just, you know, share what you're thinking.

Allen: Well, the first inalienable right that we have born, unborn is life. And we have to continue to be vigilant and resolute because the other side, you know, they are very angry about this. I don't know why they believe that you just got to go in and murder unborn babies by dismemberment in the womb. But as we talked about with the children of Israel, this is something that God does not look down upon very favorably. And in the Bible, it says in Deuteronomy 30:19, you know, I sit before you today, life and death choose life so that you and your future generation shall live. So if you are saying and you're ascribing to being a Bible-believing Christian, well, then God has just said it in Psalms 127, I think, versus 3 to 5. He talks about how blessed you are with children. They're like arrows in a quiver. And so he calls children a blessing. So I'm very perplexed and I really don't understand. You can see some members of churches and some pastors that are standing up and thinking that, you know, this whole life issue is not a big deal. We should not be going out and standing up for life. And the fight is really just begun because now it goes back to the states, which is where it should have been. And that's why I say we have a constitutionally based Supreme Court now. So the fights got to be at the state level just the same as we saw George Soros and others coming in. And when you talk about the lawlessness, they went after all these district attorney races. I mean, here in the state of Texas, we've got all of our major cities where I live here, Dallas County. George Soros was the one that backed our district attorney. So we have got to be more vigilant now at the state level and I think is so important that we talked about this in the beginning, understanding the different levels of government and making sure that we are engaged at all of these levels. The school board, the city council, the county commission, the DEA, the state level all the way up to the federal level. We have to have consistency in our principles and values.

Jason: Well, and let me also add on to some of the issues that you've laid out, because My Faith Votes were really proud to be a part of something called the Promise to America's parents, and it's helping parents understand parental rights and to stand strong in up to education and health care and ensure that their rights are not going to be trampled. I got to tell you, Allen, the stories that I've heard from parents about how government through education, government through health care is stepping in and trampling the rights of parents and saying you don't matter. What matters most is that this person's thoughts, ideas around and really and it's so fed to them. These ideas are fed to them in a way that, you know, it's confusing. I think we're destroying a generation of kids around these concepts and ideas around gender.  I think if parents understood some of these stories and heard what is happening with some, of these families. . I would hope everyone would stand up and, and make sure that they voted because they see that connection between what's happening and their vote. But without getting into that, let's just go to I'd love to hear whether you see some of this devastation. Why aren't people voting? Maybe you can comment on that.  Yeah, but I'd like to connect that to the devastating things. But why aren't people voting?

Allen: Well, let me give you the good news story. And you're part of that good news story. When Terry McAuliffe, who was running for governor in Virginia, stood up on a debate stage and said the parents do not have any right to make a decision about what they chose are being taught that lit a fire under people and that completely changed that election. And you are part of that and getting people inspired to go out. When we read and hear about a fourth grader in California at a school that was escorted out by a police officer because he wouldn't wear a mask, that's going to fire people up. When you hear about here in Texas, the first Christian church in Katy, Texas, is having drag queen bingo in their church and they're having two different types for those 18 and under and those 18 and over. When you hear about Drag Your Kids to Pride event at a gay bar in Dallas and children are being brought out and drag queens are being paraded in front of them, you hear about drag queen story hour and libraries and things of this nature that are part of the security, that image of our children and of our families. And we have got to get people to understand that when folks come after you choose. I think that's the line in the sand. And we saw that in Virginia. So I believe that they're trip wires out there. There are minefields that are out there. And we can have disagreements about economic policy and maybe energy policy. But when you start to talk about people's children and the sexualization of children and focusing on pronouns and child gender modification surgeries and mutilations and hormonal therapies, to think of this nature, who would have ever thought in the state of Texas, we have child gender modification surgeries in the state of Texas, and we have a legislature, a Republican governor, Republican legislature. They're not taking care of business. They're allowing it to happen. And so this has nothing to do with R and D. I want people to clearly understand it. This has to do with what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is evil. And if you remember in Isaiah 5:20, you know, we were told that there would be that day when people would call good evil and evil good, and that is where we are. And so I think that we have crossed into a zone where more people will get engaged and get involved like we saw in Virginia. Yeah, but the thing that concerns me is that there are still some folks out there who say, my vote doesn't matter, my vote doesn't count. And if they want to have that mentality, then that's why an organization like My Faith Votes and the means by which you connect to people say that your faith matters, and if your faith matters, your faith has to vote. You are God's voice here on Earth. And like you said in the Lord's Prayer, you know, thy will be done, okay? You know, as it is in heaven, as it is on Earth, as it is in heaven. So we're supposed to be here making sure that we maintain and keep God's kingdom restored. And again, I'm not talking about theocracy, but I'm talking about what's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's evil, and the sexualization of our children and indoctrination of our children. That's not good.

Jason: I mean, I think I think as a Christian, you have to look at what's happening and you have to say it deserves a response. But beyond even, it deserves a response. We as believers, as followers of Christ, have a responsibility for our faith. It comes from our identity of who we are, understanding that we are salt and light. That's what Christ told us. He didn't say, you know, go and be salt. And he said, You are. And then he told us what to do. But it comes from our identity if we understand that we will act, we will bring influence into the world. And I think that's so important for us. Okay. So we understand that.

Allen: Don't forget. Don't forget. Everyone is watching this. Romans 12 and two, where Paul tells the Romans, you're not supposed to conform to the world, but you're supposed to transform it through the mind of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, which is within you. And so that's an important thing to many Christians. Just want to sit by and take the easy road and try to conform. That's not what we're called to do.

Jason: Okay. You just hit on something. I think that deserves a whole other discussion. I have another one because I think way too much. There's this whole attempt to kind of break down what the church stands for, think differently about things, and how can we be more open-minded. And so let's just say that. Yes. Romans 12 to be transformed through the renewing of your mind. And that is setting our minds and our hearts upon the word of God and listening to the Holy Spirit. So, okay, so let's talk about what we can do. We know we can. Right? So and that's so important. I think what we should do is point out a couple of things that people can do very specifically and take part and become. And I think My Faith Votes is offering a few opportunities and resources and so forth. Have I told you about the Write Now campaign?

Allen: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Jason: So right now is something that we started in 2020 and it's kicking into full gear right now and people have an opportunity to sign up and send letters to other Christians. And we're doing this in target areas. We know that at the federal level, the Senate really matters. And so we're targeting Christians in states where it's a toss-up race for U.S. Senate. And this is just it's just to encourage Christians to be engaged, highlighting what's at stake and saying, go vote. And the results are pretty incredible. And so we want to encourage everyone to have that opportunity to join with us. They just print off a letter. We give them the names and addresses. They put a note of encouragement and they send it off to these people, drop it in the mail. And it works. It works really well.

Allen: Yeah, because a lot of people just want to be encouraged. A lot of people want to know that someone cares. And sometimes, you know, you kind of got to call people out and put a little finger in the chest in a lovely way to say that this is what's important. This is what you get. You know, there are two different ways you can inspire people. And I saw that being in combat. You can get out there and yell and scream at someone and what have you. You know, when they are facing some fears or trepidations or whatever, or you can just put your arm around them like I did a couple of soldiers and say, Look, I'm afraid to. I'm the lieutenant colonel. I'm the battalion commander. Let me tell you what I'm afraid of failing you because I made a commitment to you that I'm going to get you home. And so we all have our fears and these things that we are concerned about, but we should never take counsel of those fears. And I think that's the great thing about your Write Now campaign is that is saying, come on, you know, you can do better than this. Let's get back out there and let's score this touchdown. Let's win the game and let's not sit on the bench and let's not sit this out because this is the criticality of the moment. And I think one of the things and maybe this is something we could talk about later, too, is that so many Christians have bought into the separation of church and state argument, which is not constitutional, is not in the declaration, but they have come to believe that I shouldn't get involved. I shouldn't have anything to do with that. Well, let me tell you, when you don't get involved, then the next thing you know, your church could shut down and you're being told you can't sing in church, or you'll be told if you show up in the parking lot just to hear the minister, you know, stand on a platform and give a message that you're going to be fined for that's what happens if you don't get engaged, you don't get involved. And so I think that it starts with us gathering our strength together. And as we say in the military, everybody's got to have a battle, buddy, because no one should be in a fight by themselves.

Jason: That's right. And that's what I love about the Write Now Campaign is we can all do something. And I love the idea of people coming together. I just want to throw out the idea. If you sign up, pull together your group of friends, maybe you're in a small group at church, or maybe you want to get your entire church involved. Maybe you've got just a group of good friends. And you, I mean, you can do something where you have an evening and, you know, maybe turn on some music or worship music or whatever and just fellowship. And you're not writing the letters. You just print them off and you put a sentence or two of encouragement and then you put it in an envelope and it can be sent on its way. So it's a great time where you just said that it's you're not doing this alone. You're doing it with people. And there's a lot of unity, a lot of fellowship that can take place in this. So, anyone who wants to join up on the bottom of the screen, you'll see a link. I think it's if you go to that link, you can sign up and sign up for as few as 20 letters or as many as you want to do. 20 doesn't take you but a few minutes to do. And it's so easy and you can make a real difference. Allen, did you know that in Virginia in 2021, we saw a 20% increase in voter turnout with the people that received these letters? Yeah. So it works.

Allen: It matters, it is a proven concept. And once again, you had that right environment where people, you know, the trip line had been crossed and folks want to know, what do I do? How can I go out there and make sure that as again, as it says in Psalm 11:3, when the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? The righteous need to get engaged, the righteous need to get involved. The righteous need to be encouraged. The righteous need to vote their faith.

Jason: Yeah, well, I'm looking forward to so many more of these chats where we can just encourage people and get into these conversations. I think we've already identified a couple of topics that we'd like to explore a little bit more, but I'd like to end on this. You know, my faith votes, we're doing a lot not just to motivate, but also to equip Christians to vote. And. When you go to my faith votes dot org. Up at the top, you're going to see my voter hub. I got to tell you this. This set of tools is the most comprehensive set of tools for the Christian voter. You're going to not only find out all information about the elections that are coming up and be able to register and all those basic things. But we have an online voter guide that covers from the very top all the way down to the very bottom, whether that school board or dogcatcher, whatever it is. And we're helping people know. Here's what I know is going to be on my ballot so that they can do their research and make an informed vote. And then, of course, we have lots of other resources that are going to help people cast a biblically informed vote as well. So I just want to encourage everyone. My voter hub on my feet votes dot org. Go there. Get prepared. In less than 30 days, early voting start for the midterm elections. 

Allen: You know, one of the things that you just brought up and something I always like to stress is that God does not call the equipped, but he equips those who he calls. And right now, Jason is calling you, and My Faith Votes needs you. And so you don't need to be worried. You know, I can never say I can't, because if you're a Bible-believing Christian, you're a victor. You're more than a conqueror. That's what it says in Romans chapter eight and all things work to the good of those who call to those who call to his purpose. And that's why we're here. And maybe, you know, one of these in the future, we can have some folks dial in and, you know, maybe they can send little questions or we can answer the questions.

Jason: Yeah, we're going to do that on the next one. And. All right. And make sure that we're answering their questions, not the things that are just on my heart to talk with you about. But again, I will thank you. Even though I know you want to be a part of My Faith Votes and be a national spokesperson for us because you understand what it means to be in battle. You understand what it means to prepare for battle and to be ready. And so I think that's a bit of what we're facing right now. It's a spiritual battle, but it is it's real. And so thanks for just bringing some of that thinking and what I think we need to explore a little bit more on another call. We got to. I'm so glad you did.

Allen: Thanks so much. You take care up there in Minnesota.

Jason: Yeah. Hey, everyone, visit My Faith Votes to get all the resources. And thank you for being a part of supporting this ministry, this organization. Be ready for the midterm elections are coming fast. And not only for yourself, but equip those around you. That's so important. God bless everybody.

Allen: God be with you. 

My Voter Hubis the most comprehensive resource available for the Christian voter, covering elections in every zip code across the US. It has everything you need to be an engaged and informed voter. Get started here.


My Faith Votes—is a nonpartisan movement that motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth. By partnering with national faith leaders, My Faith Votes provides resources to help Christians Pray, Think, and Act to create an America where God is honored in the public square.

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