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Have you felt alone in standing for biblical values? You look around and see the problems in the world, and you wonder what you can do.

Sadly, in frustration, millions of others choose to sit on the sidelines.

1 in 3 Christians doesn’t vote.
That's about 25 million people.

YOU can change this.

Join the movement that’s driving Christians to the polls by the millions to vote from their biblical worldview and sign up for our Postcard and Letter Writing Campaign today.

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Can I really make an impact?

Our multi-channel approach encourages Christians to vote through a combination of digital ads and personalized handwritten communication.

These efforts have shown a 57% lift in voter turnout!

Encouraging someone to vote is easier than you might think - if you’re rooted in prayer and have the right tools and the right message to share.

We’ve done the research, all you have to do is write!

We’ve identified Christians who are pro-life and pro-traditional family but who are unlikely to vote. And we need your help to contact them before the midterm elections.

Don’t worry you’re not starting from scratch! You’ll receive a letter template that’s typed and ready to print, so all you need to do is write a short personalized message. We’ll walk you through each step in the process.

Postcards are coming July 1 and are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your postcard order now and write letters in the meantime.

Letters are available now to start writing.

Are you ready to impact the 2022 midterm election?


The 2022 Write Now campaign ended on September 29, 2022, but you still can make a difference in this year's elections. Complete the form below and become a My Faith Votes Action Partner and learn how you can engage Christian voters in your community to vote and vote with a Biblical Worldview!