To Ban Or Not To Ban?

Looking back over the last many months of electrifying and sometimes offensive comments made by many in the media and political spheres regarding the refugee issue, it is no surprise how the issue of the refugee and travel ban has become so emotional and sensitive. From a Christian perspective, it really is a difficult topic to navigate. The confusion may … Read More

Obama Administration Dishonors Israel, Breaking Decades Long Tradition

For the first time in thirty-six years, the United States has refused to protect Israel’s borders. On December 23, 2016, in a blatant and dishonoring move and under the cover of the holiday weekend, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to pass U.N. Resolution 2334 which condemns Israel for its settlement growth in Eastern Jerusalem. Israeli-Palestinian Israeli-settlements have not … Read More

Tomorrow, Christians Will Choose Our Next World Leader

Ryan Higgins, My Faith Votes Vice President of National Engagement Each of us makes thousands of decisions every day. Some decisions are good ones; eat a healthy meal, do something special to honor our spouse, purpose to play with our children. Some decisions are not so good; order that extra fast food item we didn’t need, sleep in and skip … Read More

Ronnie Floyd: Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election

For the past nine presidential elections – intentionally or unintentionally – I have stuck with one clear principle when I go to the voting booth: I do not vote for candidates but for policies. From our 39th to our 44th commander in chief, I have not voted for men or, even, for parties – I have voted for issues. And … Read More

Press Release: My Faith Votes Launches National TV and Radio Campaign to Mobilize the Christian Votes in the 2016 Election, Saturating Chrisitian Media

DALLAS, TX., October 3, 2016 – My Faith Votes, a non-partisan movement working for the engagement of Christian voters in the 2016 Election, has launched a national TV and radio campaign. The series of 23 public service announcements (PSAs) for television are running between 40 to 60 times daily, on an estimated 110 million U.S. households. In addition, a series … Read More

Press Release: TurboVote Challenge Adds Innovative Companies

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Sept. 26, 2016 – Democracy Works, Inc. announced today the addition of a second round of corporate and nonprofit partners to join the TurboVote Challenge, aimed at achieving 80 percent voter turnout in the U.S. The new participants will coordinate with Democracy Works to find the best ways to engage their audience to register to vote and to turn … Read More

The Radical Demands Of The Gospel

My Faith Votes revisits the 2015 article, where Eric Metaxas and Dr. David Platt answers the question “Must Christians choose between pursuing social justice and promoting moral clarity?” In the past few decades, we’ve watched as Christianity has moved from a major public force to more of a social outlier. Equally disturbing is the apparent moral divide we’ve seen between … Read More

Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron Urge Christians to Vote in November Elections

Former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson and actor-producer Kirk Cameron have urged Christians to vote as the upcoming elections draw closer. The unlikely duo appeared on a live TeleForum™ event organized by My Faith Votes held on Carson’s living room Tuesday and strongly urged Christian voters to exercise their political rights. The 64-year-old retired neurosurgeon noted that about 25 million … Read More

Ben Carson: What You Don’t Know About The Liberty Bell

Recently the Museum of the Bible announced that an exact replica of the Liberty Bell, standing six feet tall and weighing some 3,200 pounds, was installed as its first exhibit item. When the Museum opens in November 2017, only two blocks from the National Mall in Washington, D.C., guests will be able to ring the bell and hear its original … Read More