Sep 18, 2019

More than 2,200 aborted babies’ bodies found in former doctor’s home • California legislature approves measure criticizing pastors for not embracing lgbt identities • Middle east escalation: iran’s ‘unprecedented attack’ on world’s energy supply • Most believers say they don’t need others for discipleship

Sep 11, 2019

San francisco officials brand nra a ‘domestic terrorist organization’ • Trump says peace talks with taliban are now ‘dead’ • Drew brees criticized for promoting “bring your bible to school day” • Buttigieg family member calls on him to ‘repent’ after abortion remarks

Sep 04, 2019

‘complete devastation...please pray for us’: dorian bashes bahamas with 220 mph gusts, at least 5 dead • ‘the bible stays’: vp mike pence says va hospitals ‘will not be religion-free zones’ • Coach of no. 1 clemson: my purpose is ‘to glorify god’ • All 33 passengers presumed dead after horrific california boat fire, coast guard says

Aug 28, 2019

Free speech or forced speech? christian t-shirt printer’s lgbt case heads to ky supreme court • Led by millennials, americans value patriotism, god, children less than ever • Iranian foreign minister makes surprise g-7 appearance in france • Trump signs executive order cancelling student loan debt for disabled veterans

Aug 21, 2019

Miftah group that planned tlaib-omar israel trip once referred to suicide bombing as sacrifice ‘for the cause’ • Planned parenthood pulls out of family planning program • 89 percent of british young adults say life has no meaning, poll finds • Illinois adopts law requiring lgbt history lessons to be taught in public schools

Aug 14, 2019

Chaos at hong kong airport as protests turn violent, disrupting flights for second day in a row • Republican lt. gov. mcnally remains opposed to bill that could ban all abortions in tn • Oprah says shootings result of losing the ‘core moral center’ provided by churches • North korea’s forced abortions: the hermit kingdom’s underreported human rights abuses