Nov 20, 2019

Less than half of us evangelicals identify as 'pro-life,' new poll suggests • Chick-fil-a stops giving to salvation army, fca amid lgbt protests • Louisiana's john bel edwards wins reelection to remain deep south's only democratic governor • Demand for bibles in china reaches a staggering 200 million, despite heavy persecution

Nov 13, 2019

On 100th anniversary, trump makes history as first us president to ever speak at veteran's day parade • Lesbian minister appointed new head of national abortion federation • Daca lands before supreme court: showdown over trump bid to end ‘dreamer’ program • Biological male runner named conference’s female ‘athlete of the week’

Nov 06, 2019

New york passes johnson amendment barring churches from political speech • Trump admin proposes end to obama crackdown against faith-based adoption and foster care agencies • United states begins process of withdrawing from paris climate deal • Christian trump advisers to democrats: ‘you’re actually impeaching us’

Oct 30, 2019

President trump says isis leader al-baghdadi is dead after us military raid in syria • New poll shows millennial support for constitutional free speech declining • Kanye west: ‘it’s my job to let people know what jesus has done for me’ • Ben carson’s prayer upsets secularists

Oct 23, 2019

Americans are turning away from church as population of christians decline, pew study claims • Jury rules against texas dad fighting 7-year-old son’s gender transition • Algeria forces christians out of the country’s largest churches • Your tax dollars used to merge mice with aborted human baby body parts: ‘abhorrent on so many levels’

Oct 16, 2019

Turkish invasion kicks off with bloodshed for us allies and christian minority in syria • Kentucky school must remove ‘prayer lockers’ after group says it’s unconstitutional • Lebron under fire after blaming china row on ‘misinformed’ rockets gm • Ca gov. signs law allowing californians living in u.s. illegally to serve on government boards