Jan 22, 2020

Trump fighting to put prayer back in schools: 'we will not allow faithful americans to be bullied' • 260 million christians were affected by extreme levels of persecution in 2019 • Most evangelicals say churches should discuss politics, pew shows • Trump legal team plays offense as impeachment trial begins with bitter dispute over rules

Jan 15, 2020

Trans-identifying teen sues new york to change sex on birth certificate • New survey shows young democrats most likely to say other countries are better than usa • New gop rep. jeff van drew will sign petition demanding pelosi allow vote on bill to stop infanticide • ‘they are lying that our enemy is america; death to dictator!’ iranian protesters outraged over downed ukrainian plane

Jan 08, 2020

Iran abandons limits of 2015 nuclear deal after top general killed in us airstrike • Massachusetts bill would give doctors ‘birth or death’ decision, allowing abortion up till moment of birth • United methodist church, 3rd-largest denomination in u.s., announces plan to split over same-sex marriage, lgbt clergy • Australia's deadly wildfires are showing no signs of stopping

Jan 01, 2020

'heroic' parishioners end texas church shootout in 6 seconds, authorities say; 3 dead, including gunman • Fellowship of christian athletes distributed over 190,000 bibles in 2019 • Nearly 200 faith leaders sign open letter rebuking controversial christianity today op-ed • Islamic state in nigeria 'beheads christian hostages'

Dec 18, 2019

‘check your heart’ black worship leader tells critics angry he prayed for president in white house • Anti-religion group forces elementary school to cancel live nativity • No lie, belief in god is good for you • Shock report finds at least 1000 christians have been killed in nigeria during 2019

Dec 11, 2019

Supreme court leaves in place kentucky abortion law mandating ultrasounds • Youversion announces most read bible verse of 2019, stunning increase in number of people reading scriptures • The two articles of impeachment against president trump explained • 629 pakistani girls sold as brides to china