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Dec 01, 2021

New york city council expected to pass bill allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections • Roe v. wade hangs in balance as reshaped court prepares to hear biggest abortion case in decades • Hhs revokes religious exemption waivers for faith-based foster care providers in 3 states • Taiwan sends jets after 27 chinese planes enter buffer zone

Nov 17, 2021

Hungary puts families first in face of eu pressure • The 400th anniversary of the first thanksgiving • U.s. state department urges americans in haiti to leave the country amid rising violence • Record-breaking premature baby celebrated at alabama hospital

Nov 10, 2021

Senate gop blocks federal election law debate for fourth time this year • Biden administration asks federal appeals court to lift order blocking covid-19 vaccine mandate • House passes bipartisan infrastructure bill after months of negotiations • 200 house republicans sign letter urging biden not to reopen jerusalem consulate

Nov 03, 2021

Supreme court stops new york state from forcing christians to fund abortions • Glenn youngkin wins virginia governor’s race, riding enthusiasm wave on education issues • The largest municipal force in the u.s. has thousands on unpaid leave over vaccines • Biden administration announces plan to tighten regs on oil, gas sector, undo trump rollbacks

Oct 27, 2021

School boards group apologizes for letter equating parental activism with 'domestic terrorism' • U.s. supreme court will fast-track cases on texas abortion law, leaves law remaining in effect • Biden administration debuts first gender equity strategy • Dads spend time in louisiana high school after 23 students were arrested in string of violence

Oct 20, 2021

'we acknowledge god's sovereignty,' tenn. governor says in prayer proclamation • Senate to vote on sweeping voting rights bill republicans promise to filibuster • Seventeen christian missionaries in haiti kidnapped by gang • 'souls to the polls': virginia churches to air pro-mcauliffe ads featuring kamala harris