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Oct 14, 2020

Christian community seeks restraining order over ny governor's restrictions on religious gatherings • Republicans accuse left of 'religious bigotry' for attacking amy coney barrett’s faith • ‘i’m pro-life. i don’t apologize for it’: mike pence issues bold declaration during vice presidential debate • Christian adoption agency can't be closed for refusing to place kids with gay couples, fed court rules

Oct 07, 2020

Bible translated into its 700th language • Donald trump makes dramatic return to white house: 'don't be afraid' of covid • Churches, schools sue virginia over new lgbt employment rights law • Nearly 4 million americans have already voted

Sep 30, 2020

Thousands of christians, leaders intercede for america in washington d.c. • Woman who survived abortion thanks trump for signing 'born alive' executive order • The future of our court is in good hands': spiritual leaders respond to barrett's nomination • 98% of americans who prefer socialism over capitalism reject 'biblical worldview': survey

Sep 23, 2020

Partisan battle lines form even before there's a nominee to replace justice ginsburg • Franklin graham ahead of national prayer march: us is 'crumbling,' god is only hope • 40 days for life to have record participation despite covid-19 pandemic • Ohio law bars closing churches, changing election dates

Sep 16, 2020

1 in 5 evangelicals reject bible’s teaching on gender: report • President donald trump nominated for nobel peace prize for historic middle east deal • Christian orgs praise new doe regulation to defund universities that violate faith groups’ rights • My faith votes mobilizes churches to host ‘voter registration sunday’ on sept. 20, registering christians to vote in november

Sep 09, 2020

North carolina starts sending absentee ballots — here’s when voting begins in other states • Pelosi says ban on federal abortion funding will be dropped next year • Cali passes bill to soften criminal penalties for lgbt adults who have sex with minors • Latest jobs numbers blast past expectations, unemployment rate drops to 8.4%