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Mar 24, 2021

Dr. julia letlow makes history in louisiana, wins house seat to succeed late husband • Netanyahu announces victory, starts talking to coalition partners • South dakota gov. kristi noem sends girls sports bill back to state lawmakers • Colorado shooting leaves 10 dead in latest mass tragedy

Mar 17, 2021

California ‘ethnic studies’ proposal teaches kids white christians are evil, chant to aztec gods • ‘easy to vote, but hard to cheat’: iowa passes major election legislation • Vatican bars blessing of same-sex unions: god 'does not and cannot bless sin’ • Arkansas governor signs legislation banning almost all abortions

Mar 10, 2021

National evangelical adoption agency will work with gay couples across u.s. • Supreme court stops college from denying christian students’ free speech • Texas gov. deploys national guard to mexico border in 'operation lone star,' slams biden policies • Pope francis holds historic meeting with shiite cleric in iraq, visits birthplace of abraham

Mar 03, 2021

‘i am not starting a new party’: trump gives first speech since leaving office • South dakota passes law requiring doctors to help babies born alive after abortion • Supreme court blocks county’s ban on indoor worship gatherings, calls 9th circuit ruling 'erroneous' • Why are young adults increasingly identifying as bisexual?

Feb 24, 2021

Bay area school board members resign after making disparaging comments about parents in virtual meeting • Catholic league: pro-trans ‘equality act’ the ‘most comprehensive assault on christianity ever written into law’ • Democrat ron kim calls for cuomo to be impeached over nursing home scandal • Fleeing tyranny for freedom: 500 uk churches welcoming thousands fleeing hong kong escaping communism

Feb 17, 2021

'shocked and grieved': ravi zacharias ministry releases report acknowledging founder's serial sexual misconduct • Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial on charge of inciting jan. 6 capitol riot • South dakota gop introduces legislation that would allow state to nullify biden executive orders • More than 150 million americans under winter weather alerts as record cold temps make life miserable