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Oct 11, 2023

Biden administration waiving 26 federal laws to allow border wall construction in texas • Netanyahu vows massive response in ‘war to ensure our existence’ • Over 100 black pastors oppose ballot initiative to enshrine abortion in ohio constitution • Rfk jr. announces he will run as an independent candidate

Oct 04, 2023

Laphonza butler sworn in to succeed sen. dianne • Speaker ousted after deal to avert government shutdown • Mandatory minimums, payday lending, and voting rights in first session of supreme court term • Pastor appreciation month: how to encourage and advise your pastor

Sep 27, 2023

Biden makes border history with most immigrant encounters in august ever recorded • Newsom vetoes controversial gender-identity bill in california • Dallas mayor to switch to gop • Dod support for ukraine will not be hindered by potential government shutdown

Sep 20, 2023

Child poverty in the u.s. jumped and income declined in 2022 • 5 americans back in u.s. after prisoner swap with iran • Gop presidential hopefuls clash over abortion policy • Hundreds of students baptized after worship service on auburn college campus

Sep 13, 2023

1 in 6 churchgoers have had, paid for or encouraged an abortion, survey finds • New mexico governor’s gun ban draws bipartisan backlash • California passes bill requiring parents to affirm kids’ gender ‘transitions’ • House speaker kevin mccarthy announces formal impeachment inquiry against president biden

Sep 06, 2023

Pro-life activists found guilty in federal court for dc abortion clinic blockade • Democracy a top concern for u.s. voters • U.s. health agency recommends easing federal marijuana restrictions • Coach joe kennedy lauded as 'hero' after taking knee in prayer for first time since supreme court victory