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Feb 26, 2020

Bernie sanders calls criticism of fidel castro’s communist cuba ‘unfair’ • Disney-pixar featuring first lgbt character in ‘onward’ • Evangelical christian sues us postal service over mandatory work on sundays • President trump announces advisory board to expose research using aborted baby parts

Feb 19, 2020

Navy chaplain accused of violating constitution for encouraging soldiers to 'lead like jesus' • Utah senate committee unanimously approves bill to decriminalize polygamy • Tn city pastors say revival exploding among various churches shows 'god is moving' • 215 house democrats back bill that would overturn hundreds of pro-life state laws

Feb 12, 2020

Starbucks partners with organization promoting sex-changes for minors • Bernie sanders says being pro-choice ‘absolutely essential’ to being democrat; critic calls it ‘excommunicating’ • Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill house democrats back • U.s. says two soldiers killed, six wounded in afghanistan attack

Feb 05, 2020

Iowa democratic party chair apologizes for results reporting delays, calling process ‘unacceptable’ • Trump takes on ‘radical left’ in defiant and dramatic state of the union address; pelosi rips up speech • President trump signs executive order to combat human trafficking • 'persecuted even after death': china bans christians from holding religious funerals

Jan 29, 2020

‘god is great’: kobe bryant’s 2006 interview with stephen a. smith provides glimpse into faith • Trump unveils middle east peace plan with two-state solution, tunnel connecting west bank and gaza • Trump admin issues warning to california as state requires insurance plans to fund abortions • Missouri bill introduced to ban 'age-inappropriate' drag queen story hour in state public libraries

Jan 22, 2020

Trump fighting to put prayer back in schools: 'we will not allow faithful americans to be bullied' • 260 million christians were affected by extreme levels of persecution in 2019 • Most evangelicals say churches should discuss politics, pew shows • Trump legal team plays offense as impeachment trial begins with bitter dispute over rules