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New poll: Hispanic evangelicals say ‘game over’ to Democrats over abortion policies

Hispanics keep moving right, led by evangelicals. September poll commissioned by My Faith Votes and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, conducted by Heart & Mind Strategies.

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My Faith Votes CEO, Jason Yates, issues the following statement in response to POTUS’ proposed “student debt forgiveness” plan


Our First President's Warning to the Nation

As we honor those who have served in America's highest office, may we reflect on Washington's words which served as an inspiration and a warning to a nation struggling to preserve its union. In today's divisive political atmosphere, senators and Americans would do well to take heed of his farewell letter.


She survived a saline infusion abortion; now she advocates for life

"No matter what administration is in office, ordinary people like you and me, who are committed and involved at the grassroots level are the solution. We are called to serve, we’re called to speak up and speak out, we’re called to be light, even more so in an increasingly dark time."


My Faith Votes Conversation with Seth Gruber

Press Release

My Faith Votes Survey: 6 in 10 Christians have an even higher view of President Trump during COVID-19 crisis

Six in ten self-identified Christians said they have an even higher view of President Trump because of his leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey of over 10,000 people conducted by the nonpartisan voter mobilization group My Faith Votes.


So, What Do You Think about Christianity Today’s Editorial?

One week ago, Christianity Today (CT) published a column that sent the Christian community into a frenzy. The publication’s Editor in Chief, Mark Galli, authored an editorial that described the President as “profoundly immoral” and called for his removal from office. Twitter lit up. Counter opinions were swiftly published, including at another publication, The Christian Post, which took the exact opposite position in its own editorial..


Fools are Fearless; the Wise are Afraid

No: Be afraid. Be very afraid. The line has become nearly ubiquitous; its modern origin is the 1986 horror flick, The Fly. Jeff Goldblum is the quirky scientist; Geena Davis is the reporter working to expose his teleportation work. As Goldblum’s lab goof sends him into species transfer, he tries to reassure the reporter: “Don’t be afraid.” Davis replies to the threat with wisdom: “No. Be afraid. Be very afraid...”


Immigration Solutions or Political Games?

The politics in Washington D.C. are raging at an all-time high. It’s becoming difficult to distinguish between our representatives who serve on Capitol Hill and actors in a drama.


National Call to Prayer for President Trump

Join with Christians across the nation on Sunday, June 2, by praying for President Trump. We’ve created three prayer points with scriptures to help guide your time. Pray on your own, with your family, your community group, or your church.


Obama Administration Dishonors Israel, Breaking Decades Long Tradition

For the first time in thirty-six years, the United States has refused to protect Israel’s borders. On December 23, 2016, in a blatant and dishonoring move and under the cover of the holiday weekend, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to pass U.N. Resolution 2334 which condemns Israel for its settlement growth in Eastern Jerusalem.