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Fools are Fearless; the Wise are Afraid

No: Be afraid. Be very afraid. The line has become nearly ubiquitous; its modern origin is the 1986 horror flick, The Fly. Jeff Goldblum is the quirky scientist; Geena Davis is the reporter working to expose his teleportation work. As Goldblum’s lab goof sends him into species transfer, he tries to reassure the reporter: “Don’t be afraid.” Davis replies to the threat with wisdom: “No. Be afraid. Be very afraid...”


National Call to Prayer for President Trump

Join with Christians across the nation on Sunday, June 2, by praying for President Trump. We’ve created three prayer points with scriptures to help guide your time. Pray on your own, with your family, your community group, or your church.


Obama Administration Dishonors Israel, Breaking Decades Long Tradition