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Sep 16, 2020

1 in 5 evangelicals reject bible’s teaching on gender: report • President donald trump nominated for nobel peace prize for historic middle east deal • Christian orgs praise new doe regulation to defund universities that violate faith groups’ rights • My faith votes mobilizes churches to host ‘voter registration sunday’ on sept. 20, registering christians to vote in november

Sep 09, 2020

North carolina starts sending absentee ballots — here’s when voting begins in other states • Pelosi says ban on federal abortion funding will be dropped next year • Cali passes bill to soften criminal penalties for lgbt adults who have sex with minors • Latest jobs numbers blast past expectations, unemployment rate drops to 8.4%

Sep 02, 2020

Us marshals rescue 39 missing children, arrest suspects on trafficking charges after two-week operation • Replacing riots with revival: christian movement brings baptism and worship to streets of kenosha • More than half of us adults, 30% of evangelicals believe jesus isn’t god: study • A night of polar opposites in america

Aug 26, 2020

House passes $25b in 'emergency' postal service funding, white house threatens veto • Franklin graham to speak at rnc, draws attention to 'absence of god' during democrats' convention • Megachurch pastor: abortion 'is consistent with' christianity and 'i will fight' to keep it legal • Deadly california wildfires scorch more than 1 million acres with no end in sight

Aug 19, 2020

Appeals court overrules judge's decision in california church case, church meets for sunday services anyway • Trump announces 'historic peace agreement' between israel, uae • Austin city council slashes police funding by $150m, shifts portion of money to fund abortion • Texas judge reverses ‘save james’ decision, gives mom who wants ‘gender transition’ for child all rights

Aug 12, 2020

Trump takes big steps to bypass deadlocked congress, offering relief to struggling americans • Biden taps kamala harris as running mate, setting aside tensions from primary • Seattle police chief resigns as violence-riddled cities slash police funds: 'evil will take over' • Lebanese government resigns as fury over deadly explosion deepens political crisis