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Feb 24, 2021

Bay area school board members resign after making disparaging comments about parents in virtual meeting • Catholic league: pro-trans ‘equality act’ the ‘most comprehensive assault on christianity ever written into law’ • Democrat ron kim calls for cuomo to be impeached over nursing home scandal • Fleeing tyranny for freedom: 500 uk churches welcoming thousands fleeing hong kong escaping communism

Feb 17, 2021

'shocked and grieved': ravi zacharias ministry releases report acknowledging founder's serial sexual misconduct • Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial on charge of inciting jan. 6 capitol riot • South dakota gop introduces legislation that would allow state to nullify biden executive orders • More than 150 million americans under winter weather alerts as record cold temps make life miserable

Feb 10, 2021

Supreme court strikes down california indoor worship ban • House dems revive 'for the people act' aimed at 'voter suppression,' 'dark money,' and gerrymandering • Texas has now officially defunded planned parenthood entirely • Us senate approves amendment to keep embassy in jerusalem

Feb 03, 2021

Biden to sign executive orders that undo trump immigration policies • International leaders condemn myanmar coup • Twitter suspends christian magazine for calling biden's biologically male nominee a man • D.c. public schools use black lives matter curricula to teach black history month

Jan 27, 2021

The 5th largest school district in the us announced a plan to phase back into in-person learning after a rise in student suicides • The end of girls' and women's sports as we know them': divisive biden exec. order pushes trans agenda • South carolina passes pro-life bill that takes aim at roe v. wade • California’s 2020 unemployment fraud claims may top $31 billion

Jan 20, 2021

March for life cancels annual in-person washington rally, goes virtual • Big plans: team biden sets out ambitious policy package for first 10 days in office • 60% rise in christians killed worldwide in 2020: open doors report • Religious makeup of the 117th congress is 88% christian