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Nov 25, 2020

30-year military chaplain fired from air force – his crime? biblical views on sexual morality • Americans most thankful for and to family this thanksgiving • Ben carson says ‘god is still in charge’ after becoming ‘desperately ill’ with covid-19 • Senate confirms 225th trump judge, a modern record for gop presidents in one term

Nov 18, 2020

Massachusetts house passes democrat amendment legalizing abortions up to birth • Alito sounds alarm: 'religious liberty is in danger of becoming a second-class right' • Moderna's candidate covid-19 vaccine looks to protect 94.5% of those who get it, trial shows • Stage set for decisive senate races in georgia

Nov 11, 2020

Influential dc-area evangelical leader bishop harry jackson jr. passes away • Attorney general barr authorizes doj to investigate any 'substantial' claims of election fraud • Pro-life women surge in congress • Supreme court hears case pitting religious liberty against same-sex marriage

Nov 04, 2020

Trump, biden battle for 270: key swing states still counting votes in tight race • Senate majority hangs in the balance in these yet-to-be determined races • Louisiana voters pass pro-life amendment: abortion is not a constitutional right • Gunmen storm kabul university, killing 22, in second deadly attack on students in just over a week

Oct 28, 2020

Trump, biden present dramatically different visions for america in final debate • Amy coney barrett sworn in as supreme court associate justice at white house ceremony • Trump, netanyahu hail sudan peace deal as ‘special’ and 'dramatic breakthrough' • There is no 'international right to abortion,' u.s. and 31 other countries declare

Oct 21, 2020

New data analysis finds 353 counties with 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible citizens • 'digital civil war': media and big tech suppress major news story with damaging email on biden • Amid tumult over constitution, chile watches two churches burn • Christian leaders react to joe biden's support for 8-y-o kids identifying as transgender