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Get Moving

This week's focus: Action

I heard a song on the radio called, “The devil don’t sleep.” Isn’t that the truth! Ever since the Garden of Eden, the enemy has been on a mission to kill, steal, and destroy.

Adam and Eve were the first to experience his cruelty when their youngest son was murdered by his brother. From the beginning, the family has been a target.

Fast forward to the book of Nehemiah, and we find that the devil has still not grown weary. Once again, God’s people were under attack. Nehemiah took charge when he said, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” (Nehemiah 4:14).

Nehemiah understood that complacency wasn’t an option. To be victorious, they had to put their trust in God, rely on His strength, and take action.

The endurance of the devil continued in the book of Esther when a wicked plan was devised to destroy the Jews. “Letters were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate all the Jews, both young and old, women and children…” (Esther 3:13).

Queen Esther was warned not to remain silent but to take a stand. By considering others as more important than herself, she risked her own life and brought the matter to the king. Her bravery saved many lives when new letters were written, but this time with better news! Joy filled the streets when the Jews read that they could defend themselves and their families. Even though the battle was still to come, they rejoiced because they weren’t powerless—there was something they could do.

Satan’s mission hasn’t changed. So what will we do? Like the examples in scripture, we must refuse to sit on the sidelines. Daniel 11:32 says it best, “but the people who know their God will be strong and take action.”

Our first action is prayer. Like Esther, we too can take our matter to the King and humble ourselves before Jesus. The second is obedience to what the Lord is calling us to do. Moses got his marching orders in Exodus 14:15 when the LORD said, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!”

If you want to “get moving” but don’t know where to start, My Faith Votes makes it easy by providing action steps. One example is the “Write Now” campaign that equips you to write letters and postcards that will encourage your fellow Christians to defend our nation, families, and freedom­––not with swords and spears but at the voting booth. When we vote for Biblical values, we fight against evil agendas. May we rejoice that we have the right, responsibility, and opportunity to defend what we hold dear.

“The devil don’t sleep” may be accurate, but he is no match for the Almighty, who never slumbers or sleeps (see Psalms 121:4). With Him on our side, victory is secure.

by: Jennifer McAlister, Communications, My Faith Votes

Daniel 11:32

“but the people who know their God will be strong and take action.”

Prayer Points:

Pray: Dear Lord, We praise you for considering us worthy by putting us into service. It is an honor to be Your hands and feet in the world. We ask that You continue to strengthen and motivate us to take action for Your glory and our good. We can be brave and stand for what is right with You by our side.

Think: “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” ― William Wilberforce

Act: Last call: Our Write Now campaign deadline is Sept 29. One of the most impactful ways to motivate Christians to vote is through a simple letter. In fact, in our past letter-writing campaigns, we’ve seen an incredible 57% lift in voter turnout! Join over 10,000 volunteers who are writing letters through Write Now. We provide the template, message, and names. You supply the envelope, stamp, and prayer. Sign up here to impact the midterms through a letter.

We want to see God honored in America, and we pray for an unprecedented spiritual awakening.
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Jason McAlister

It’s amazing to me, someone living in the 21st Century… that the fight coming to the Jews in Ester was not halted, they just could do something about it. And in that they rejoiced. Today, no one has taken the power away from Christians to fight back, we’ve done it to ourselves. Whether fear, apathy or laziness- we have willing given up the right to push back what has been taken. Now, we don’t exert our will through sword or stone today. But, prayer and the voting booth are the tools of modern society. So, use them effectively and often.