My Faith Votes | Watch What Volunteers Did in Georgia

Watch What Volunteers Did in Georgia

My Faith Votes volunteers have been working tirelessly to reach Christians in Georgia to vote.

More than 5,000 volunteers in 48 states sent more than 1 million postcards and letters to Christians in Georgia encouraging them to vote!

What’s even more remarkable, these faithful volunteers prayed over each person they sent mail to in Georgia.

The time and energy spent on our national postcard campaign are unbelievable.

We have heard from many people in Georgia who were touched and moved by the postcard they received from a fellow believer praying for them and sharing voting information. The impact of this effort is exponential and will be more than we could ever measure.

To see just a glimpse of this remarkable volunteer effort, please watch the short video below. The images will move you and are sure to remind you that you do not stand alone. When you join with My Faith Votes, you’re part of a movement of Christians turning their faith into action to reach others.

Our volunteers didn’t stop there. In the days leading up to the January 5, 2021 Georgia runoff elections they once again gathered together over zoom conference calls to pray for these historic elections.

Twice a day, morning and evening, hundreds of volunteers prayed. They prayed for every legal vote to be protected and counted and for fraud to be detected. They prayed for Christians to vote and advance biblical values with their decisions, and they prayed for the people in Georgia and in our nation to turn towards the Lord.

If you could have heard all of their prayers you would have certainly felt the presence of the Lord as Christians united in prayer together from all across America.

Here are just a couple of comments from some of our incredible volunteers who participated in the prayer calls.

"This was such a blessing I called in and was able to be a part of a countrywide prayer team! Put our armor on! The word of Christ must go forth to save our nation! I will be there again tomorrow! Praying always! Yes, keep it going!"

"It was a powerful and wonderful spirit in the room. I get too choked up though sometimes!"

The elections are behind us but the opportunities to bring our faith forward into the public square and work to see God glorified in our nation are far from over!

If you are a My Faith Votes volunteer - thank you for all you have already done to make a difference for biblical values.

If you are not yet part of the My Faith Votes volunteer team, and would like to be alerted of future opportunities to pray, volunteer, and make a difference - please join us!

You can sign-up here. It is encouraging to work with other Christians from all across this great nation who pray, think biblically, and act to make a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom and our country.

Yes, I want to join the volunteer team!