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If there was ever a time for Christians to STAND for Biblical values, it is right now in America.

My Faith Votes volunteers sent more than 1.4 million handwritten postcards and letters to Christian voters in 2020, encouraging them to vote.

This powerful group of more than 5,000 volunteers also regularly meet over zoom calls to pray for our nation.

When you sign-up for the My Faith Votes Volunteer group you will be the very first to be alerted of opportunities to bring your faith forward into the public square.

Join the volunteer team and you will link arms with Christians across the country who take action together to advance biblical values and make a lasting difference in our nation.

Join us and learn more!

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  1. As a volunteer to My Faith Votes, the organization will be providing access to certain information that is confidential and proprietary to My Faith Votes so that I may be effective in assisting My Faith Votes in accomplishing its mission.
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  3. There is the possibility that as a volunteer for My Faith Votes, I may be contacted by media representatives, outside investigators, or attorneys. I agree that if I should be so contacted, I will immediately refer to those making such contact to the CEO of My Faith Votes.