My Faith Votes | UNITED. WE STAND.
Volume 2 • Issue 2 | Summer 2018 | America’s Future


You may have noticed a simple phrase we use at My Faith Votes, “United. We Stand.” To us, this is not just something we say, it’s a phrase that carries significant meaning.

When we say, “United.” We are acknowledging our unity around a shared purpose – the declaration of our Christian faith. And we are united in country, the nation God placed us in - the United States of America.

“We Stand.” It’s a simple, yet powerful declaration. It’s the idea that God placed us on this earth to be His ambassadors and His salt and light. We stand on God’s word and His truth. We stand boldly and unabashedly to advance Christian principles in every area of life, including the public square.

We are Christians who stand for one name only. And that’s Jesus. Because whether it’s local, state, or national elections, we’re standing for biblical truth in the public square. And that’s by standing to vote so we see our Judeo-Christian values restored.

When you and I make this stand and encourage other like-minded believers to do the same we become powerful agents to advance Biblical values and bring a foretaste of heaven to earth. We can ignite a movement of 90-million Christians in America to stand united.

“When Christians come to understand what it really means to Stand for biblical values in every area of life, including the political realm, Christians will become an unstoppable force to reverse the devastating trends of anti-Christian worldviews in our communities and in our nation. The power of the Christian vote must be harnessed and deployed to stand for Biblical truth.”Gov. Mike Huckabee, My Faith Votes' Honorary National Chairman

It’s why at My Faith Votes, we recognize that voting represents more than a political preference, but a declaration for God. By uniting through our faith, we’re also standing against the spiritual opposition that stands against us.

So, whether it’s standing for religious freedom, sanctity of life, strong families and marriages, or compassion and support for those in need, we’re committed to empowering every believer by keeping them informed and equipped to vote their values. And that’s by providing biblical perspectives to the political issues of the day as well as resources to help Christians apply their faith as they vote.

You and I do all this for one reason. Because we know that when 90 million believers stand to vote, we’re standing in agreement. And the power of unity changes everything.

United. We stand. So that America stands strong for God.