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We Can All Do Something

"We can all do something." 

These words, spoken by our founder Sealy Yates, resonate deeply with us at My Faith Votes. They serve as a reminder of the power we possess as individuals and as a united faith community. It is this inspiration that launched My Faith Votes, and it is this same spirit that fuels our Summer of Action campaign, an intentional call to Christians to make a difference in their communities this summer. Together, let's do something and put our faith into action during this transformative season.

Embracing the Summer of Action

At My Faith Votes, we believe that faith and action go hand in hand. Our organization is founded on the conviction that Christians have a vital role to play in shaping the future of our communities and our nation. The Summer of Action campaign is a manifestation of this belief—an opportunity for us to rise up, engage with our neighbors, and make a lasting impact.

"We can all do something."

As Christians, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, actively involved in our communities. The Summer of Action campaign is a rallying cry for us to come together and put our faith into action. It is a reminder that our actions can change lives, transform communities, and even shape the course of our nation.

Voter Registration Drives: Making Every Voice Count

One of the cornerstones of the Summer of Action campaign is our focus on voter registration. We firmly believe that every voice matters, and that includes yours. By hosting voter registration drives, we ensure that every eligible individual has the opportunity to make their voice heard through the democratic process. To support this endeavor, we provide a comprehensive toolkit that equips you with everything you need to organize and execute a successful registration drive. Together, we can empower our communities by increasing voter participation and strengthening the democratic fabric of our nation.

Building Bridges with Local Elected Officials

In addition to voter registration drives, our Summer of Action campaign encourages Christians to build meaningful connections with local elected officials. By engaging in open dialogue and fostering relationships, we can influence policies and decisions that align with our faith values. As part of our commitment to empowering the body of Christ, we have developed a conversation guide to facilitate constructive and respectful discussions with elected officials, and to encourage prayer. These interactions provide an avenue for us to express our concerns, share our values, and advocate for issues close to our hearts. By engaging with our local leaders, we become a positive force for change in our communities.

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The Power of Doing Something

The Summer of Action is an invitation to each one of us to do something. It reminds us that our faith is not passive, but active. It urges us to step out of our comfort zones, engage with our communities, and make a tangible difference. Whether it's hosting a voter registration drive, meeting with elected officials, or inviting others to be a part of our grassroots Action Partner Community, every action we take has the potential to transform lives and inspire others.

My friends, the Summer of Action is not just a campaign—it is a movement. It is a call for us to embody the teachings of Jesus by actively participating in our communities and making a positive impact. Together, let's answer this call and put our faith into action. Let's demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ through our deeds and be a catalyst for change. 

Sealy Yates' words echo through our campaign: "We can all do something." Let us stand to the occasion, embrace our collective voice, and make a lasting difference in the Summer of Action and beyond. 

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