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My Faith Votes Conversation with Jim Caviezel

September 16, 2020 | Megan West | |

Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving.

Our conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve ever had. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest.

This week, his new movie, Infidel, releases. Inspired by true events, the powerful movie explores the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

In our 45 minute conversation, Jim covers a lot of topics, including his passionate call for believers to stand boldly for Christ in a culture that would rather cancel our voice. There’s even a unique moment where God seems to be talking with Jim through a loud rumble of thunder!

But what Jim shares in the last part of our conversion will blow you away. He specifically asked to share something with all of you that Hollywood would never allow him to do.

Be inspired by watching our conversation with Jim. And then make sure you are preparing to uphold our biblical values at the ballot box on November 3 by visiting our Voting Assistance Center here.


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Mr. Caviezel, as I was reading scripture the Lord brought you to my mind. I was reading about being an image bearer of Christ and you are exactly that. You said in an interview that 'God chose you'. And then he adopted you as His child. Then you followed Him in going to China and doing that exact same thing. You chose your children and adopted them. What an image bearer you are and continue to be.
I saw the Infidel. Wish the writer/producer had used fewer F bombs since many Christians will go see this. Usually I leave if there are F bombs in every sentence. I saw your interview with myfaithvotes and you mentioned fire and said it would have been a much better F word to use----I heartily agree.
I lift you and your family up in prayer. Also I would like to wish you an early Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful day to have it one when there will be a prayer walk in Washington DC on Saturday for our nation to return to God and repent.
Thank you for your love of our God and Christ.

Jim's pain is very real! Jim's love of God is palpable!! He also understands what Jesus endured, not just in the hours after his arrest though his death, but also what our Lord endured day in and day out........ experiencing the lack of God's will and love being present in people's hearts. I am very grateful for Jim's leadership, conviction and courage! God bless you Jim and peace be with you!

Steve Cohn

Jim says he's a Roman Catholic, but I am hearing the words of a born anew evangelical! Jim needs to leave the fake religious system of Catholicism!.

Michael SutherlandSteve Cohn

He is speaking in True Catholic teaching and form. The church has been under attack from outside forces and infiltration from within (even within the church hierarchy) since its beginning. Jesus, then Peter and Paul warned us. Many martyrs and church doctors have sacrificed their lives protecting the true teachings and faith. No other religion takes the major blows from Satan then the Catholic Church. But the gates of hell shall not prevail. Matthew 10:34-36. Stay strong. Keep close to God. In spiritual battle there are only two sides. <><

Kacy KelhoferMichael Sutherland

Now is not the time to parse ideological or theological nuances of Catholics vs non-Catholics. The differences in how both camps celebrate their love of Jesus Christ are inconsequential. You see, we are one, there is a singularity! Both groups believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Lord and Savior. Nothing else matters! That's the Gospel! As a born again evangelical, I chose to stand strong with my Catholic Brothers in Christ! I may have to fight along side them to protect our patriotism and faith. Save your energy to fight the evil of the Democratic Party! They are the clear and present danger, they are the evil!

Wendy Coyle

That was truly awesome-in the spirit! My heart is still pounding, so powerful and inspiring! Bless Jim Caviezel, and you for doing this interview and allowing the Spirit to speak. I would like to share this far and wide and would like transcripts. Did you post on YouTube? How can I get transcripts? My thoughts and prayers are will you, and Jim Caviezel, as we stand together and fight the good fight, to God be the glory.

Carly Nunez

To God the glory on Jim Caviezel's testimony and powerful words! The Regan speech at the end was amazing. I will support all these types of movies. Even So Jesus... come! Come Soon!

Jess ReevesCarly Nunez

Amen to that. He is such a powerful tool in the hand of God. We should be so very thankful and supportive of grace-filled leaders like him!

Carly NunezJess Reeves

Indeed. These movies are not supported by the film industry and all the evil in Hollywood. The Passion of Christ was the most powerful film about Christ in my opinion. I can’t wait for the Resurrection should He and Mel Gibson decide to do it.

Thank you, Mr. Caviezel, for you inspiring words and for you exceptional work in the film medium. I think I have watched "The Thin Red Line" ELEVEN TIMES and all five seasons of "Person of Interest" FIVE TIMES! so by my reckoning you owe me the five minutes of reading and researching this comment!!! I must object, if I may however, to your casting of the National Socialists of Germany as the quintessential bogeymen of all time. The German people acted to preserve their culture against the Ashkhenazim scourge of Bolshevism, and our present efforts must emphasize the clear and present danger of cultural Marxism, its more insidious but nevertheless equally dangerous form, in the present era. Best Regards, Dennis Spain