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My Faith Votes Conversation with Pastor David Platt

October 6, 2020 | Craig Michaelis | |

You may recall that Pastor David Platt was caught in a social media firestorm last year when the President unexpectedly arrived at his church on a Sunday morning, asking for prayer. In our conversation, you’ll hear more of his insights into that event and how it led to the writing of his new booklet called "Before You Vote."

Pastor David Platt, Lead Pastor of McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C., and author of the best-selling book Radical has been a great friend to My Faith Votes since our inception and we had the privilege of talking with him about this important new resource he created that gives insight to "Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask" before voting. Watch here.

You can learn more about the book Before You Vote, here. 


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Kurt Kuhne

1) To vote as and American one must look for the Constitutionallity of a candidate.
The Constitution does NOT inroad, intrude nor corrode ones Faith as a Christ follower so is the dandidate a Christian,.
2) One must look at the voting record of a candidate or all they've stood for over the yrs
Are they for -
a) Life of the unborn
b) do they stand up for the Bill of Rights,
c) are they fiscally for a balanced budget
d) do they champion principled ethics and morals,
cl do they want school choice w/out government interference