My Faith Votes | A First-hand Perspective On: Immigration


A First-hand Perspective On: Immigration

April 9, 2021 | Megan West | |

While politicians argue over the semantics of whether immigration is now a “crisis” or a “situation,” thousands are illegally crossing the border daily and real people are being impacted.

Deborah, a faithful My Faith Votes volunteer, is living in the heart of what’s going on at the Texas/Mexico border. Her family has owned land for 100 years along the Rio Grande River, where a border fence runs through their property.

Being tired of the misinformation in the media, she reached out to us to share her story of what’s really happening with immigration and how it’s impacting her, her family, and her community of Brownsville, Texas.

Don’t miss Deborah’s powerful story. She’s passionate about informing the rest of the country on the truth so we can be better informed, so we know how we can be praying for the humanitarian crisis and what we can do to impact our elected officials on this issue that affects all of us.

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Karen Kleinpeter

Thank you so much for mentioning law enforcement. We have a State Trooper that is about to go down for the fourth time since this started and they are spread very thin and are exhausted! Their days off have been taken away and they are working 60-80 hours a week! At first they were allowed to go to the border and help border control, but they have since been pulled back and can only sit on the side of the road pulling over locals, sometimes the same local gets pulled over several times by several troopers for the same infraction! Very frustrating, meanwhile the cities that they normally work in are left with only a handful of troopers and drivers know this and take advantage of this. They estimate this to continue through April of 2022!

Pat Ringle

God established the institutions we have: marriage & family; government; church. He also delegated authority to each but He defines the responsibilities of each. Husband/father is the leader/protector of the family. Church is to function as family in the absence of physical (or believing) family members, (e.g. the widows, children, alien) and to live & teach the word of God (be salt and light). The responsibility of government was to protect its people from dangers without and lawlessness within. When we blur and conflate those roles/responsibilities we are out of God's will. What we have now is government functioning as 'family' (big brother) and 'church' determining the new morality. And NO ONE is doing government's responsibility of keeping the peace and protecting the people so that they are able to to serve God in God's design. And every institution bears responsibility (guilt) for abdicating. We're reaping our whirlwind.