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A Night of Polar Opposites in America

Last Thursday evening, I had the privilege of being invited to attend President Trump’s acceptance speech on the south lawn of the White House. It was a positive and uplifting atmosphere topped off by a spectacular fireworks event over the Washington Monument. Standing on the historic grounds of the White House in our nation’s capital was a moment I’ll never forget. 

As the festivities wrapped up around 11:30 pm, myself, along with My Faith Votes influencers, Johnnie Moore, Dr. David Jeremiah, and his wife Donna made our way toward the east gate of the White House in order to walk the short one-block distance to our hotel. But as we quickly discovered, that was not to be the case. Capital police informed us that a large mob was on the other side of the fence and we would need to walk to the other side of the White House grounds to exit through the west gate where it would be safer. Upon our secondary exit, we realized that we were in a rapidly escalating situation with crowds of rioters moving in to harass and intimidate those leaving the White House. There were a limited number of police around and those we did see kept telling us to walk west out of the mayhem, the complete opposite direction we were intending. 

Throngs of agitated rioters were in our face, shouting constant obscenities, bull horns, and fists in our faces, demanding our attention. I’ve never heard the “f” word so much in my life with a continuous barrage of “f” you, “f” your family, “f” America, and most prominently, “f” Trump, being shouted over and over and over. It was total confusion, yet truly I sensed they were trained in intimidation tactics. The four of us kept walking as best we could, fearing that if we stopped for too long a physical attack would be imminent. 

For a solid two hours, we walked to get away from the mobs and tried to work our way back to our hotel. We desperately tried to hail a cab, call an Uber or a Lyft, and even get a security person from our hotel to come with a car to get us. But it was impossible for him to reach us, no matter where we were on the streets. We feared the worst and kept in constant prayer, not knowing how our night would end. Finally, at 1:30, we walked into the rear entrance to our hotel, since the lobby entrance was still blocked by rioters, feeling a deep relief that we were out of harm's way. A few hours later, we were on a plane headed back to our West Coast home, reflecting on all the events that had transpired over the last few hours. 

Night and day. Polar opposite agendas and finding it almost impossible to sleep on the plane. America is hanging in the balance. And our work at My Faith Votes was at the forefront of my mind. But God, in His incredible providence provided what I thought could have been an angel to soothe all my angst of the night. 

I got off the plane and had to find an Uber to take me to pick up a rental car so I could drive the 90 miles to my home. The Uber driver, Jonathan, asked me where I had been, and I proceeded to share the story of the amazing event at the White House and the harrowing night that unfolded for us afterward. He stopped me and wanted to share his own story. 

His father died of cancer at the age of one, and when he was 17, Jonathan moved to the US from Ethiopia with his mother and brother after his mother had gained a green card through the U.S. Immigration lottery system. He had then been able to finish high school and graduate from San Diego State. He and his family worked hard and achieved their American dream, which was to become citizens of the United States of America. 

He was utterly heartbroken to hear my story, asking in confusion why rioters and mobs were so intent on harming this country. I ask myself the same thing. Jonathan made sure I knew that on November 3, he is voting for the very first time and will be doing so with tremendous pride and a heart of hopeful opportunity. He was literally selling me on the good things of this nation. His words were a balm to my soul. 

It reminded me that God is in control. Only He could orchestrate a night of polar opposites that would give me the courage to carry on, to pray harder, and to work unceasingly to equip and motivate Christians to understand their blessings of having been born in the greatest nation of the planet and to take action, vote and influence this nation for good. 

The mob may have been trying to intimidate and destroy. But God is in the business of restoration and redemption. It’s up to us to choose what we do.


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There are 2 sides to every story. Happy you were safe but Trump has driven a divisive and polarizing message since the beginning. There were always republican and democrat, but since Trump everyone is much more polarized. The majority of Americans (popular vote 2016) don't agree with a divided America or the rhetoric Trump uses, hence protests. Nor the actions of some police on black Americans, hence protests. The violence and obscenities are inexcusible, but you never saw this extreme or frequent before Trump. Real world actions are a consequence of rhetoric that polarizes people. Christianity is about faith but don't be blind to the obvious division being exacerbating by Trump. It is ignorant and downright wrong to say Trump is the representative of good, Christianity or "law and order". And the Trump acceptance at the White House lawn was not at all "positive"... it was saying all the bad things that will happen if the other candidate is elected... all doom and gloom. Interesting how you, someone who appears supportive of Trump, choose to see it through that lens and interpret it as positive. Look at America right now, under this leadership and rhetoric... why on earth would things be worse if that changed? Understand the reasons why things happen, not just listen to others who think exactly like you. Pray for guidance AND clarity to see through the smoke and blind historical allegiance to the republican party please.

Scary out there. I have been going door to door with a paper I made listing 25 reasons I will vote for President Trump. Last night I met an older single woman who is a Trump supporter, but is afraid to put a sign in front of her house.We are 25 miles from Kenosha. Your experience sounds very hard. Thankful you got home safely.