My Faith Votes | A Conversation with Christian Baker, Jack Phillips


A Conversation with Christian Baker, Jack Phillips

May 24, 2021 | Megan West | |

Steadfast. Humble. Calm. Faithful. God-honoring. These are the words that came to mind after we talked with Jack Phillps, the artist and owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado.

Jack is the Christian baker who could not create a custom-made wedding cake to celebrate a marriage between two men because of his sincerely held religious beliefs. Because of that decision, he has faced almost a decade of vitriol and countless legal proceedings. And while he won his case at the Supreme Court in 2018, he is now in the middle of a lawsuit brought on by a transgender activist.

But Jack’s faith is unbelievably unwavering.

“That is probably the most important thing I’ve learned: how good God is. I knew He was good before all of this happened, but coming through oppressive days, enduring the death threats, the hate mail, the obscene phone calls, and public demonstrations, seeing the tears of my wife and the worries of my children, hearing people call me a bigot and a Nazi, listening while elected officials openly mocked the deepest convictions of my soul—let me assure you, this is when God’s mercies abound. This is when He comforts us in the deep places of the soul that only He can reach.” -Jack Phillips

Be sure to watch. Our conversation goes beyond the inflammatory headlines and gives you a deeper and important look into Jack’s life, his legal battles, and why his case affects every American’s civil rights and religious freedom.


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