My Faith Votes | Yes, I Will Vote in 2022!

Yes, I Will Vote in 2022!

PLEDGE YOUR VOTE TODAY and get your free copy of Dr. Ben Carson’s book, One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard. Dr. Carson is the founding Honorary National Chairman of My Faith Votes, and his book, One Vote, provides needed insight and practical guidance on how each of us must approach the voting booth.

Our shared values, our beliefs, and our faith are what made America great. And it is what will keep America great.

But there is a very different set of values pushing into America that threaten to steal our liberties, diminish our security, and deny our standing as “one nation, under God.”

This is why we must vote.

We can no longer afford to be indifferent or assume that our nation will be restored through the actions of others. This a time in America’s history that’s calling for people of faith to boldly stand together at the voting booth for Judeo-Christian values.

I pledge to vote in the 2022 elections, and I will:

  1. Pray for wisdom before casting my vote
  2. Become informed about my choices
  3. Vote from a biblical worldview