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It’s time for Congress to Live Like Us

Here's What You Need to Know:

It doesn’t seem like Congress cares about reforming our broken health care system. You know why?

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t affect them. Their health insurance is subsidized by special congressional exemptions that cover 3/4th of their premiums.

Americans' health care premiums are skyrocketing and Congress has given up on developing a solution.

How Did This Happen?

When the Affordable Care Act was passed, a Republican amendment was inserted requiring Congress to experience the law by obtaining insurance through the exchange.

However, since members of Congress salaries are around $174,000 they don’t qualify for any Affordable Care Act subsidies to off-set their premiums. So, the Obama administration, through the Office of Personnel Management, developed a special subsidy for members of Congress and their staffs to purchase their insurance through the District of Columbia’s small business program, despite the fact Congress is certainly not a small business!


The Problem:

They are not feeling the pain that other Americans feel who have to purchase Obamacare without the help of an employer or government subsidies.

Congress is not living like the people they serve! This is just one more example of how they are living in their elitist bubble in Washington D.C. They have forgotten what we put them in office to do.

Congress might be "moving on" from health care – but we certainly are not.

Here's the Plan:

Let’s force Congress to Live Like Us. President Trump actually has the power to end health care subsidies for Congress by issuing an executive order to the Office of Personnel Management to change the rule. President Trump already threatened to do so after the Senate’s failed vote last Friday.

We simply need to tell President Trump we support this plan. It will force Congress and their staff to feel the pain their constituents feel. Then maybe they’ll find the courage to do what they promised to do for the rest of us – repeal and replace Obamacare, for the good of the people, for the good of our nation.

Our health care law in America fails to protect the sanctity of life from the earliest of stages until the end of life. It fails to uphold religious liberty by forcing people to purchase health insurance plans that violate their faith. And our health care system fails to care for others – people around the country struggling to pay for health insurance for their families as premiums only continue to rise.

We can do something about this!

Let’s raise our voices together - United. We Stand.



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