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Stats on Christians & Voting: 25 mil registered Christians don’t vote. Pledge to vote today at

Good Policy: Want good public policies put in place concerning life,religious freedom and marriage and family? Elect good leaders. Learn how at

Do Something: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke). Do something. Visit

Make Your Voice Heard: As Christians, we are called to take a stand for righteousness and speak for those who can’t. Make your voice heard at

Godly Heritage: America has a godly heritage because of men and women of God who took a stand. Now it’s our turn. Take action at

Make Voting Easy: Life is hard enough. Take the pain out of voting with the My Faith Votes Personal Voting Assistant. Visit

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This year’s election is important to me, and I hope it is for you too. Each person’s vote makes a difference, so I’m asking everyone I know to make pray for the election, think biblically about the issues, and vote. Did you know over 25 millions Christians who are registered to vote, don’t even show up? We have a huge opportunity to bring the influence of our faith to the ballot box!

My Faith Votes provides a Personal Voting Assistant that helps to ensure we are ready to vote and equipped with numerous voting resources. You can sign-up for this free and simple tool today to take all the stress out of voting.

The leaders we elect in the next election will create policies that will affect America for decades to come. Just a few of the issues hanging in the balance are:

  • The Right To Life
  • Marriage and Family
  • Biblical Care and Compassion for Those in Need
  • Our Religious Freedoms

If we want to see good public policies established in these areas, we have to elect strong, God-honoring leaders. If we want to see America truly be “one nation under God,” we have to make our voices heard by voting.

I am committed to doing my part as a Christian, and I’d love to have you join me. Together, we can elect leaders who will return America to its great and godly heritage.


PS: If you know others who might not be registered or ready to vote, please forward this email to help get them ready!