My Faith Votes | Six Ways To Act Now

Six Ways To Act Now

Twenty-five million Christians don’t vote. That’s roughly one out of every four Christians.

You can change this statistic.

Here are six simple ways you can help your family, friends, church community, and neighbors get ready to vote.

1. Help Christians Register to Vote

Make sure Christians you know are registered to vote in their state. Our Voting Assistance Center has all the information needed, specific to every single state. It also has information pertaining to requesting absentee ballots, voter guides, polling locations, and more.

Voting Assistance Center

2. Share Election Voting Reminders

We know that life can get hectic and keeping up on elections can fall by the wayside. Oftentimes, Christians simply don’t know when elections are happening, particularly in local elections where their voice and vote are especially needed. The Personal Voting Assistant fixes this problem by providing election reminders sent straight to your email or phone.

Ninety-two percent of those who use our Personal Voting Assistant turn out to vote. Reminders help! Encourage other Christians to sign-up for reminders so that they never miss a single election.

Personal Voting Assistant

3. Host a Voter Mobilization Drive

Host a Voter Mobilization Drive at your church or in your community. Download the free toolkit at It contains everything you need, including a how-to-guide, bulletin inserts, videos, legal information, and voter registration information to help others get equipped to vote.

Resource Your Church to Vote

4. Subscribe and Send the Intersect to Others

In the weekly Intersect email, we cover four current news stories and help you “Pray, Think, and Act” on the events from a biblical perspective. This news summary is a great resource to equip any Christian wanting to better understand the intersection between politics and faith before they vote.

Subscribe to the Intersect

5. Pray for Non-Voting Christians

One of our key partners, Intercessors for America, is helping us put the power of prayer to work in activating Christians to vote. You can pray, by name, for Christians across the country who do not regularly vote. Pray they will commit to vote in a way that honors God. Hundreds of thousands of non-voting Christians have been prayed for so far, but there are still so many more who need to be prayed over. You can make a difference through prayer by visiting their site and viewing the targeted prayer map to get started. Prayer is powerful. Imagine the impact we can make on this nation when, together, we lift up others in prayer.

Pray for Non-Voting Christians

6. Support My Faith Votes and Reach More Christians

For just $3.20, about the cost of a cup of coffee, you can equip a Christian voter through My Faith Votes. We reach non-voting Christians to register to vote, think biblically about the issues, pray for our leaders and communities, and activate them to vote in every election.

We use the latest technology to identify Christians in states across the country, and we deploy broadcast and digital media with leading Christians voices to put voting resources directly in their hands to help activate them to vote. Your support also helps our efforts to specifically reach Christians on Christian college campuses and in churches across the country.

Donate to My Faith Votes

When 90-million Christians stand united for biblical values, we welcome God into our communities and ensure freedom and peace are preserved for the next generation.