My Faith Votes | My Faith Votes condemns ‘reckless squandering and mortgaging of our children’s futures’ in ‘Socialist…

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My Faith Votes condemns ‘reckless squandering and mortgaging of our children’s futures’ in ‘Socialist spending spree’

DALLASJason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, releases the following statement in response to the proposed $1 trillion Infrastructure, Investments and Jobs Act in conjunction with the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act.

“Passing bills that fund pet projects and reward political allies is nothing new, but it is always wrong. The spending outlined in President Biden’s new budget is outrageous and irresponsible. Items that should be placed in stand-alone bills and given a thorough vetting are being tucked inside large, pork-laden bills like these while the heartstrings of the public are played upon to garner public approval.

“There is nothing moral or admirable about carelessly loading debt onto future generations or exploiting a health crisis to advance socialism in the world’s freest nation. It’s time Americans draw a line in the sand and demand our elected representatives push back on this Socialist spending spree. We have a moral obligation to speak out against this reckless squandering and mortgaging of our children’s futures.”

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