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Weekly Devotional

Graciousness - Weekly Devotional

This week's focus: Graciousness

Graciousness is a key characteristic of Christ-followers and it opens the door to being heard by others.

We each have our family as a sphere of influence and God has given you a unique ability to do life with and influence these people in a special way.

How can you use that influence for good in a time when tensions are high and conversations can get heated? Being gracious and truly listening is both the key to being heard and the key to understanding the people that are close to you. Practice being intentionally gracious today in the words you chose, the way you speak, and the opinions you share.

Colossians 4:6

“Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”

Prayer Points:

Father, give me a heart that is open and gracious. Help my words to be seasoned with salt, to be appropriate to the situation, and to bring life and truth. Give me wisdom on when to speak and when to be silent. Let my words be molded by Your word in me.

We want to see God honored in America, and we pray for an unprecedented spiritual awakening.
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