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Divine Rescue

This week's focus: Prayer

In last week’s devotional, I wrote about getting lost in the dark while participating in a night hike. I learned many lessons that evening, including seeing Romans 8:28 in action, “And for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

When we love and belong to the Lord, He has the power and desire to cause every detail of our lives to work out for good, and this night was no exception. After hiking in the wrong direction for a long time, our group was tired, frustrated, and ready to be done with this “adventure.” When it felt like we couldn’t take another step, we turned a corner and were surprised to see a woman sitting on a rock all alone in the dark. To say she was happy to see us would be an understatement. She explained that earlier in the day, she had gotten separated from the friends she was hiking with and didn’t know where to go. God answered this scared woman’s prayers in a mighty way when He sent not one but thirty people to her rescue. Miraculously, but not surprisingly, we found our way back after finding her.

Walking through this world can wear us out, but finding purpose in pain redeems our tears and lets us see God’s hand at work. That evening, weariness was replaced with joy when we realized we were part of a divine rescue mission. As only God can do, He turned a bad situation around for good. We may have thought we were lost, but He knew where everyone was, including the woman who was alone and afraid. He heard our cries and brought each of us safely home.

In Luke 19:10, Jesus says He has come to seek and save what was lost. As believers, we must walk in the strength He provides, persevere, and follow His lead. The road may be difficult, but it’s an incredible honor to be the “beautiful feet” who bring good news and proclaim salvation (see Isaiah 52:7).

Many of us have family, friends, and acquaintances who, spiritually, are in the dark. When our prayers for them seem unanswered, it’s easy to become tired, frustrated, and ready to be done. How long must we walk the same path of pleading until God hears the cry of our hearts? When will we turn the corner and see our lost loved ones found?

The Bible tells us that God “wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4). When we pray for the lost, we cooperate with the desire of Jesus. We may not see how or when God will move, but we can rest knowing we have a compassionate Father who hears our requests. He wants us to stay in constant conversation with Him and reminds us that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (see James 5:16).

Understanding this, may we not get discouraged on the journey but patiently wait for God’s perfect timing. Our weariness will be replaced with joy for all eternity when we realize we were part of His divine rescue mission.

by: Jennifer McAlister for My Faith Votes

Luke 19:10

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Prayer Points:

Pray: Dear Lord, We praise You for Your ever-present help and guidance as we walk through this world. May we follow Your lead to seek the lost, pray for them, and point them to You. We love You, Lord, Amen.

Think: “Prayer honors God, acknowledges His being, exalts His power, adores His providence, secures His aid.” - E.M. Bounds

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We want to see God honored in America, and we pray for an unprecedented spiritual awakening.
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