My Faith Votes | Dr. Ravi Zacharias: The Scaffolding or the Scaffold: A Moment and Our Destiny


Dr. Ravi Zacharias: The Scaffolding or the Scaffold: A Moment and Our Destiny

I recently received a question from a young woman asking if I found obedience and submission to authority easy? My first response was to smile. Then the wheels began to turn. So I penned some thoughts.

I find it fascinating how the things we mock in life in the end mock us. We mock laws of goodness. Those violated laws come back to prove themselves right. The skeptic mocks the Scriptures. The Scriptures prove themselves to be right repeatedly. No chapters in the Bible are more ridiculed than the first three chapters of Genesis. Yet, we live those very scenes out every day. “Did God really say?” we ask with a skeptical grin. Evidently, most political leaders don’t think He did. So we change God’s laws that make true freedom possible into our own dictates for everyone. We think right and left and forget there are an up and a down. America has changed beliefs that have existed for five millennia on virtually every matter of essence. Humanity is redefined, sexuality is redefined, the family is redefined, truth is redefined, absolutes are jettisoned, our chromosomal constitution is redefined. What’s more, we live under the delusion that any rebellion against a transcendent moral order is a personal matter with merely personal implications, because we know better now. We call that progress. Yes, that word is right out of the lexicon of humanism, now made into an ideology of political theory as “progressive.”

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