My Faith Votes | WEEKLY NEWS SUMMARY – Dec 26, 2018



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Since it’s the week of Christmas, we wanted to take a short break from the current news of our world and reflect on the best news of all: the birth of Christ. The Christmas story has all the makings of perfect storytelling—audacity, wonder, awe, journey, vulnerability, courage, tragedy—and they all collide in a single narrative. But the best thing about the Christmas story is that it is more than a story. It is reality! It is evidence of a great storyteller who, in a stroke of sovereignty, crafted a historical event that we could not forget—and one that has the power to change those who encounter it.


Our friends at The Chosen are in the middle of making the first-ever, multi-season television show about the life of Jesus. I had the incredible opportunity to visit the production set a few weeks ago, to watch as they bring the Bible to life. The entire process, from the concept to finished product, is being bathed in prayer, so it can be a God-directed, powerful medium to be able to share the Gospel. The first 4 episodes are expected to be released in the spring of 2019.

Watch the short pilot episode below. I know you’ll be inspired!


Pray for Christians to boldly tell the greatest story ever. We live in a world dying for hope and we have the hope of Jesus to share! Pray for the project of The Chosen tv series, that God would be honored, and it would be a unique opportunity to bring the Gospel to those who watch it.


When the pilot episode was released a year ago, we posted this short clip from the Director, Dallas Jenkins, about the significance of Jesus being swaddled at birth. The short video below has now been seen over 2.5 million times! Did you know this fascinating insight?

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