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Rubio Accuses Biden of Leaking Netanyahu Call to Appease Anti-Israel Activists

“Republican Sen. Marco Rubio accused President Biden of sharing the details of his private phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the press in order to appease anti-Israel ‘pro-terrorist’ activists within the Democratic Party. On Saturday, Iran launched an unprecedented aerial attack on Israel, firing 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles, and more than 120 ballistic missiles toward Israel. Out of the hundreds of launches, only a ‘few’ crossed into Israel and caused ‘minor damages’ at the Navatim Airbase, the IDF said.” read more at Fox News


  • President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in that call that the United States would not participate in any Israeli counter-offensive against Iran. On Monday night, Senate Democrats blocked a standalone bill introduced by two GOP senators that would have provided Israel with additional aid as tensions in the Middle East continue. Amid party pressure, House Speaker Johnson said the House is expected to vote on a standalone bill this week. The White House said they would oppose a standalone Israel funding bill.
  • In a coordinated effort, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters blocked traffic and caused chaos throughout the US and around the world on Monday. Why? David Friedman, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, wrote on X that the planned April 15 riots had "nothing to do with Israel or the Palestinians — most of the protesters are entirely ignorant of those issues." He suggests, "It is a Marxist movement to destroy capitalism, freedom, and democracy. The protesters have cleverly hijacked a complex issue and tapped into the ever-present vein of antisemitism," he wrote. "Make no mistake, these Marxists are not just after Israel. Their real goal is to destroy our Western values and way of life."
  • Why is Israel important to America? It seems many need to remember or simply need to understand our foreign policy with this treasured country, both politically and biblically. We also need to understand Iran’s modern history with Israel, that they were once allies, and why they are now enemies, fueled by Marxism. This brief and helpful overview from the US State Department explains the background of US support for Israel. You can also watch our conversation with Pastor Allen Jackson, who speaks from a pastoral perspective on why America must stand with Israel. An alarming number of Christians appear to not understand the spiritual significance of supporting Israel, and this is a timely opportunity to be informed on what the Bible has to say.


Pray for Israel's leaders and the country’s allies, that the US would continue to stand with Israel. Pray for the challenges Israel faces, for protection from the ongoing threat of war and terrorism from her enemies and pray for God to deal swiftly and justly with those who hate Israel and who seek to destroy the Jewish people.


My Faith Votes affirms its unwavering support for the nation of Israel, recognizing its unique historical, spiritual, and democratic significance. We uphold the commitment of the United States to stand by Israel, guided by our Christian principles and the biblical mandate to pray for and support His people. Israel may seem far away geographically, but there is something you can do to impact the nation in your own home…pray. We’ve created this printable prayer guide to help you pray through five prayer points. Please download it and consider sharing it with others.

Kentucky Governor Signs Online Child Protection Bill

“A bill signed into law by Gov. Andy Beshear last week aims to prevent minors from accessing pornography online. The law requires pornographic websites to implement more stringent age verification procedures to ensure that only legal adults can access pornographic material.” read more at World


  • The KY legislation passed unanimously in the Senate and House before it was sent to the Governor’s desk. At least ten other states have passed similar laws, including Florida, which took it a step further. Florida’s HB 3 It also prohibits children under 14 from becoming social media account holders and allows 14 and 15-year-olds to become account holders with parental consent. Georgia is poised to mandate parental permission for children under 16 to use social media as well, with SB351 awaiting the Governor’s signature. Similar legislation is also advancing in Oklahoma. This legislative season, eighteen states are working to create age verification legislation — laws that force pornography companies to verify online users’ age.
  • Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt praised the Florida legislation, noting HB 3 will “force [social media] platforms to develop effective parental consent procedures.” The law closely parallels Haidt’s recommendation that parents do not allow their children on social media until they are at least 16 years old. In his new book, The Anxious Generation, Haidt, with sobering clarity, argues indiscriminate use of smartphones and social media afflicts Gen Z with social deprivation, sleep deprivation, attention fragmentation, and addiction. I would add that it can easily become a misguided idol. But here’s the catch with all this seemingly good legislation: We, as Christian parents, should not rely on the government to rescue us from the responsibility of parenthood. Parenthood is where the foundation of boundaries to mold and shape our children should be laid and upheld.
  • Is there hope? Haidt, despite being an atheist, offers a compelling insight. He says people defy phone-based loneliness by going to church and observing a traditional church calendar. “I am an atheist, but I find that I sometimes need words and concepts from religion to understand the experience of life as a human being. This is one of those times.” Haidt’s solution to the crushing loneliness, comparison, addiction, and anxiety imposed by the phone-based childhood is “shared sacredness.”


There is a war for our children. Ungodly agendas are strong on every front. It's hard to turn on the TV or walk into a store without having some sort of propaganda being thrown at them. And it seems the influence of friends and social media has more impact on them than their parents. It’s what the enemy wants…a foothold to draw them further away from biblical truth, family, and God, pulling them closer to confusion and sin. But we know the true battle happens in the spiritual realm. The powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil are fighting for our children, so let’s put on our armor and fight against it. Lord, hear our cries.


As a mom with two teenagers, the battle over phone use is tough. Going against the cultural norm of allowing a phone at a young age, holding a firm position against phones despite most parents allowing them and still being able to communicate with your child when needed can be a fierce fight. Unless your child absolutely needs to be connected, hold off as long as you can! However, there are smartphone alternatives and Wait Until 8th suggests a few here.

Biden Canceling Student Debt for More than 277,000 Borrowers

“President Biden announced Friday he would be canceling student debt of more than 277,000 borrowers. The administration is forgiving $7.4 billion for borrowers in more than 40 states in the latest debt relief program, bringing the total amount of student loan cancellation over Biden’s presidency to $153 billion.” read more at The Hill


  • The Education Department on Tuesday filed paperwork for the new regulation that would deliver the cancellation that Biden announced last week. It still must go through a 30-day public comment period and another review before it can be finalized. The timing is strategic, aiming to win younger voters who aren’t polling favorably for Biden.
  • Last June, the Supreme Court ruled that Biden’s plan to cancel at least $400 billion of student debt based on a 2003 law was illegal. Now, relying on a 1965 law for justification, the Biden-Harris Administration has approved $146 billion in student debt relief for 4 million Americans through more than two dozen executive actions. Last year, Biden announced the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan, which lowers (and in some cases, eliminates) monthly payments for people who qualify. The Penn Wharton Budget Model estimated this plan could add $475 billion to the national debt over 10 years.
  • Does the President have legal justification for this? A lawsuit will likely be filed against this most recent debt cancellation plan. Eleven states filed a lawsuit against the SAVE plan, which was put in place without Congress’ authorization. Ultimately, it comes down to how courts interpret the Education Department's authority.
  • How will this impact the economy and individuals? The president argues that his debt cancellations will “make sure higher education is a ticket to the middle class, not a barrier to opportunity.” But remember that the debt must be paid by someone–including taxpayers who did not go to college or who have already paid off their debt. What My Faith Votes, CEO, Jason Yates said in August of 2022 is still true: “Following this debt ‘relief’ trend to its inevitable conclusion, the American people will be burdened with heavier taxes, unbearable inflation, and an early economic grave.”


Heavenly Father, give our federal judges wisdom in interpreting the law; let justice be done. Let us stop enticing people into the trap of crushing debt. Help us, your Church, continue to be generous even in these difficult economic times. (Proverbs 14:21; 2 Corinthians 9:7)


We make sure you always know when elections are happening and have the voting information you need. Sign up for election reminders and register to vote. If you’ve already signed up, share this link with a friend! Encourage them to vote according to biblical values and not be lured by an attempt to buy their vote.

Court Rules Arizona Can Enforce an 1864 Law Criminalizing Nearly All Abortions

“Arizona can soon enforce a long-dormant law criminalizing all abortions except when a mother’s life is at stake, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, opening the door to prosecuting doctors who perform the procedures. Under the decision, a long-dormant law that predates Arizona’s statehood would take effect. It provides no exceptions for rape or incest but allows abortions if a mother’s life is in danger. Enforcement can take effect in 14 days.” read more at the Washington Times


  • President Biden's campaign on Thursday launched a seven-figure ad buy in Arizona, focusing on abortion. He has made his goal clear: a federal “right” to abortion that would nullify state laws like Arizona’s. “Vice President Harris and I stand with the vast majority of Americans who support a woman’s right to choose. We will continue to fight to protect reproductive rights and call on Congress to pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade,” Biden said after Arizona’s Supreme Court ruling. Arizona is a battleground state in the presidential election.
  • Even outside the presidential election, the right to life faces fierce challenges at the state level. The Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative will likely appear on the ballot this November. This measure would enshrine abortion up until viability (and after viability in some cases) in the state’s constitution, repealing the near-total ban. It is similar to the Right to Abortion amendment on the ballot in Florida. We must vote down the ballot to protect life.
  • Abortion has become the issue that may decide the election and data indicates that married women and suburbanites will be key swing voters. But do people truly understand what they’re voting for? “[T]he abortion issue is not about forcing morality; it’s not about privacy; it’s not about who hates women and who loves them. It’s about one question: What is the unborn?”, says Scott Klusendorf, founder of Life Training Institute. If the unborn are not living human beings, abortion is not wrong. Undeniably and biblically, the unborn are living human beings; therefore, it is wrong to intentionally kill them, as abortion does. With all the deceptive rhetoric, we must continue to tell people the truth: their vote may decide whether an unborn baby lives or dies


Heavenly Father, give courage and wisdom to the candidates who believe in the right to life. Soften voters’ hearts; open their minds to truth; awaken their consciences. Let Your people fight for the vulnerable unborn with conviction, reason, and grace. Lord God, we need You.


It’s possible to clearly and graciously defend the pro-life view–and with less than 7 months to equip and motivate voters, it’s essential! I encourage you to download How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5 Minutes or Less. Then go use what you’ve learned!

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