My Faith Votes | Gift for Attending Donor Briefing

Gift for Attending Donor Briefing

Thank you for watching My Faith Votes' recent Donor Briefing with the Honorable Ken Starr.

Due to high demand, we are now out of inventory for our free offer of Starr's book, Religious Liberty in Crisis: Exercising Your Faith in an Age of Uncertainty.

We encourage you to purchase this important book at

Armed with a proper understanding of this country’s rich tradition of religious liberty, we can protect faith through any crisis that comes our way. Without that understanding, though, we’ll watch as the creeping secular age erodes our freedom.

In this book, Ken Starr explores the crises that threaten religious liberty in America. When you get this book, you will learn how each of us can resist the quarantining of our faith within the confines of the law, and why that resistance is important. You’ll learn how you can be a part of protecting those rights of religious freedom and take a more active role in advancing the cause of liberty.

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