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When you get involved with My Faith Votes, you are no longer standing alone. You’re joining a movement of millions of Christians who believe our faith has something essential to contribute to our nation. My Faith Votes provides resources to help Christians Pray, Think, Act and Vote to create an America where God is honored in the public square. See how you can get involved!


We know the power of prayer. Join faithful believers to commit to prayer in all 435 congressional districts in the nation. Nothing is more powerful than spending time on our knees asking God to bless and revive this nation.

We have prayer guides, a weekly devotional, a way for you to connect with your elected officials in our nationwide prayer initiative, and most importantly, ideas to help you keep prayer central in your daily life and routine.

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Become an ambassador for a biblical worldview. Our country today is divided between two distinct ideologies - the secular perspective and the biblical perspective. It’s not a new struggle, but it’s one that Christians must not shy away from. We must first be equipped and then bold to share with others.

We have resources like videos and articles that tackle the most difficult issues from a Christian perspective and practical ideas for you to take a biblical worldview and share it with others.

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Get involved and turn your faith into action to transform your community and influence our nation. Actions speak louder than words, and when 90-million Christians unite and take action, the influence is unprecedented.

We have resources, toolkits and guides to help you take action on pressing issues while at the same time work to build a future for your children and grandchildren where God is honored in our culture.

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Commit to vote in every election and help reach the millions of Christians who do not consistently vote in presidential, state and local elections.

We have voting resources to make sure you never miss an election. We’re also providing you with tools to help motivate and equip others to vote, including comprehensive voter guides that cover every single election on your ballot.

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