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Thank You for becoming a Faith Leaders Charter Member!

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We are so pleased that you have joined My Faith Votes as a Faith Leaders Charter Member because now is not the time for people of faith to shrink back. The secular left is aggressively fighting against our biblical values. But you understand how much hangs in the balance. It is for the sake of our children and future generations that we cannot give into apathy or despair.

Our movement is building. Yes, we are indivisible, and we are millions strong. Together, people of faith can stand strong for biblical values and unite to see God honored in the public square.

Your generous donation will help to inspire and motivate millions of Christians, like you, to pray fervently for our nation, think biblically about issues, and vote consistently in every election to advance our values and influence the direction of our nation.

We are so very excited about what we’ll accomplish through our partnership together.

Thank you, again, for becoming a Faith Leaders Charter Member.

God bless you,
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