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Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Schools

Who is ultimately responsible for a child? We learn a lot about someone’s worldview based on how he or she answers that question. 

Bible-believing Christians know God’s design for families places parents as the primary authority for rearing children, not in the hands of their teachers or administrators in left-leaning schools.

Unfortunately, attacking God’s design for families is a frequent strategy of the organized, political Left. In recent years articles, news stories, and ‘studies’ have claimed dismantling the nuclear family is somehow a positive thing for individuals and society. And, with increasing frequency, teachers, administrators, and school boards have adopted these radical ideas. This alarms me, and I’m sure it alarms you too. 

In fact, you’ve likely seen attempts to belittle parental authority in the public school system where you live or on the evening news.

  • Students are counseled to receive abortions or birth control without parental consent
  • Children are encouraged to wear ‘parent-approved clothes’ but change outfits when they get to school to live as their "true selves"
  • Kids are told to go behind their parent's backs regarding vaccines, sexuality, and even their preferred gender pronouns

I say enough is enough.

      These attacks are why I accepted the role of Chairman for My Faith Votes. Its mission is guided by four pillars of faith: religious freedom, the sanctity of life, strong families and marriages, and compassion and support for those in need. All are critical in allowing us to live according to our deeply held religious beliefs.

      “My Faith Votes’ mission is guided by four pillars of faith: religious freedom, the sanctity of life, strong families and marriages, and compassion and support for those in need."

      So, while, our radical opponents try to twist or blatantly attack our shared values, My Faith Votes stands firmly for biblical principles while educating voters and mobilizing Christians. We’ve seen the devasting consequences when Christians don’t get involved in local politics. But we’ve also seen the rise of parent involvement across the country.

      Ordinary moms and dads are speaking up at school board meetings, reviewing textbooks and library books, volunteering in the classroom, and even running for school board positions themselves. When parents understand they not only have a responsibility to be involved in their child’s education but a
      biblical obligation to remain the primary authority in raising their children they come fiercely into the public square for the best interest of their kids.

      Please hear me say that not every teacher, school, or district is pushing these anti-parent policies. Let’s applaud the thousands of school staff who truly respect parental authority. And simultaneously, let’s recognize the real danger that anti-family school officials pose to our children.

      I understand public schools cannot promote Christian faith, but neither can they be hostile to that faith. And I will tell you, hostility is coming if the parents and grandparents of our schoolchildren remain silent. 

      We have an obligation to know if our kids are being educated or indoctrinated. And the way we prevent the latter is through voting. Voting out representatives who seek to take over the role designed for parents and voting in representatives who respect parental authority. 

      In 2020 and 2021, My Faith Votes was the only conservative Christian organization providing voting resources for 100% of elections across the nation – from Senator down to local school board member. I hope you’ll stand with us in 2022, as we expand our delivery of tools to inform and equip believers
      to vote in every election.


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