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  • Every Vote Matters

    With over 80,000 local and state elections taking place across the nation this year, it’s important to look back on just how incredibly close some of the state legislative races were in 2018.

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  • Our Constitution is Remarkable

    Constitution. For most people that word brings to mind the image of an old, fragile piece of parchment. But consider the word a little longer than that initial image. What does constitution really mean?

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  • Critical Updates from the Religious Freedom Summit

    My Faith Votes was honored to have our Chairman Sealy Yates attend the Second Annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Summit in Washington D.C last week. We talked with Sealy to learn more about the event, the critical takeaways for Christians, and how we can speak out on behalf of the persecuted and the voiceless across the world. Read our full conversation below.

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  • The Foundation of a Strong Society

    Strong families create strong societies. There is no question about it. Rebecca Hagelin, with Dr. James Dobson Family Talk, says it this way, “A stable family unit is the foundation on which to build a stable society and to raise stable children. Creating sound, stable families is so obviously the answer to saving our society from a litany of social ills and heartbreak that it is often overlooked in a search for more complex and less-effective ‘solutions.’”

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  • A Reminder To Us All This Independence Day

    It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Parades, picnics, fireworks and all things red, white and blue to mark America’s birthday. Growing up in a farming community in the Midwest, summertime meant plenty of hometown parades to celebrate our American pride and values. As a child, I loved all the sights and sounds.

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  • Why Abortion Wasn’t a Hot Topic in the Democratic Debates

    Twenty candidates sparred over the economy, immigration, healthcare, and racism during the 2-night Democratic debate, but there’s one issue they don’t fight over – abortion.

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