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Notre Dame Update

It now appears that thanks to brilliant Old World construction, brave firefighters and perhaps miraculous intervention, much less of Notre Dame Cathedral was destroyed than was first feared. The worst damage seems to have been contained to the spire and roof. Here is the latest accounting.

Even the 8,000-pipe organ seems to have emerged relatively unscathed, although there might be some water damage.

Over a billion dollars has already been pledged to help rebuild the Cathedral…

The most worrisome question, though, is whether the great Cathedral that has survived revolutions, world wars and a devastating fire can survive its own restoration, if we let politically correct leftists stick their fingers into the job?

Already, we’re seeing strong efforts to downplay the true meaning of the Cathedral. Rep. Ilhan Omar, in sending what appears on the surface to be a thoughtful comment, managed to mourn the loss to “art” and “architecture” while never mentioning Christianity, Catholicism or even the word “cathedral.”

But that was subtle compared to some historic revisionists who see the Cathedral as the ultimate jackpot. More than taking down a mere Confederate monument or statue of Thomas Jefferson, they see a chance to erase all vestiges of Christianity that’s been entwined with France’s history and culture for 850 years.

Think I’m overstating the case? Rolling Stone already ran a piece quoting self-appointed deep thinkers from places such as Harvard (wonder if their parents bribed someone to get them in?), yammering polysyllabicly about how the Cathedral was “overburdened” with Christian meaning (imagine that in a cathedral), and France needs to rebuild it to represent the modern, non-white (why are leftists so obsessed with race?), secular France. Yes, that’s just we need: to turn Notre Dame into a “secular” cathedral. What would they do instead of holding Mass there, show Michael Moore movies?

I refuse to contribute to Rolling Stone’s click count by linking to that piece of disgusting dreck, so instead I’ll link to this piece that includes some quotes in service of ripping it to shreds.

French officials have also announced a contest to design a new spire for Notre Dame, and determine whether it should be rebuilt to be identical to the spire that was lost or “updated for the modern age.” Well, why not just replace the spire with a giant set of McDonald’s Golden Arches? No, that would never happen because Parisians are too proud of their French heritage and culture to allow such a thing.

Then why on Earth would they even consider letting these arrogant, self-important frauds desecrate the Notre Dame Cathedral with their idiotic leftist politics and call it "modernization?"

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