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Fallon Fox and the Transgender Fight

You may have heard this one. A while back, a man and a woman got into a fight. As is often the case, the man was bigger and stronger, and his repeated blows knocked the woman out and broke seven bones in her face. That ended the fight.

The man was never arrested or charged with a crime because this fight was a sanctioned sporting event, although the term “sporting” seems a stretch here. Fallon Fox is the name of the man, and he identifies as a woman. The MMA, blinded by political correctness, refuses to acknowledge the obvious and allows him to fight in the women’s league.

Tamikka Brents, the woman he beat that night, reportedly did not realize before the fight that she was going up against a man. On another occasion, a different woman that fought Fox was beaten so badly she will never fight again.

What is the response to this? Outsports, an LBGTQ sports magazine, honored Fox as “the bravest athlete in history.” It wasn’t his opponents who were brave, but him. Or “her” as they misguidedly call him. As I perused twitter comments on the topic, I saw a common “so what” attitude. “Sometimes people get hurt in MMA fights,” one person tweeted. No remorse or guilt at all.

How did we get to this point, where a man beating a woman senseless is brave?

The LBGTQ dogma, and specifically transgenderism, in this case, is a false religion that has swallowed much of our world and teaches a terrible lie -- “I am who I feel I am.” So prevalent is this delusion right now, that not only does our culture call a man a “she,” we allow a man to beat up a woman, and insist that it’s really two women fighting, so all is fair.

Christians, and seekers of truth, in general, must remember that this worldview is bankrupt. The fact is, we have no right to say who we are. We were not consulted at our creation. We were not asked. We had no input in our design. We are who our Maker says we are.

“Know that the Lord is God. It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves.” (Psalm 100:3) That is Christian doctrine, and it is based firmly in reality.

But LBGTQ teaching is the opposite. “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are,” they would say. “Anyone can be a woman. Or a man. I am a woman if I say I am.”

It is true that some people are uncomfortable with who they are. Actually, that is true for all of us at different points of our lives. But it is one thing to struggle with accepting who God wants us to be, and quite another to reject who He made us.

Paul puts it like this. “Who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, ‘Why have you made me like this?”’ (Rom 9:20).

We are mortals, and we do well to remember our place because the idea that “I am my own authority” is limitless in its destructive variations. History has shown us that.

Just recently, a 45-year-old Michigan man, Joseph Gobrick, brought up on charges of child pornography, has offered a very postmodern defense. He claims there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing because he’s actually an 8-year-old girl. Such a comment fits in fine with the familiar slogans -- love is love, who are you to judge, and I’m actually a girl, plus I’m eight.

This begs the question -- if Fallon Fox really is a woman because he says so, why isn’t Gobrick actually an 8-year-old girl because he says so? If it isn’t our Creator who decides, but we ourselves, on what basis is this man wrong? On what basis can anyone ever be wrong?

Mark my words, this philosophy of transgenderism won’t just leave beaten and bruised women as its victims, but also sexually exploited children. When we replace God with the idol of self, the damage we can do, and justification we can offer, is endless.

These stories are a warning to us and our entire culture. We must not go down this path. There is a power and authority greater than ourselves, and we reject this truth at our peril. If we do nothing, it will corrupt our minds. We’ll stand by idly and watch as a man beats a woman unconscious, we’ll applaud his courage, and call him “her.”

Caleb Backholm is a married father of three and small business owner. He attended Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN where he studied Broadcast Communications, Biblical Studies, and History. Originally from Washington State, he currently lives in Texas and is a student at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth.


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