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Empowering the Next Generation with Biblical Truth

Over the last several years, young adults have been leaving the church in droves. This is a concerning trend. It can be attributed to many things, one of which is the cultural shift that reveres feelings over facts.

Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries has dedicated his time to reaching the next generation of adults. We recently sat down with him to discuss the next generation’s spiritual struggles and political involvement. Excerpts from our discussion are below, but you don't want to miss the full conversation. You can watch it here.

What is the truth? That used to be an easy question to answer because there was only one answer. Now, there are some who believe everyone can have their own personal truth. Here is what Dr. Myers had to say about this cultural shift:

We've tipped as a culture — moving away from seeking THE truth to talking about speaking OUR truth. We've stopped believing that truth is located out there somewhere objectively and in someplace stable where we can find it and orient ourselves to it and thinking that it's all [inside of us]. So, for a young person, that's actually simultaneously liberating and terrifying — if you are your own truth and you don't know where you are, then you're truly lost because you're the only person who could ever guide yourself. So, we see skyrocketing levels of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation. 75% of young adults today say they don't have a sense of purpose that gives meaning to their lives.

During the 2022 midterm elections, a substantial portion of Gen Z voters actively participated in the electoral process, and most of their votes were cast in favor of Democratic candidates. Could it be that the evolving concept of truth influenced their vote? We asked Dr. Myers this question, and he said:

Gen Z is very individualistic. I'd say that's probably one of the dominant characteristics. Their impulses are liberal/libertarian at different points in time. “I want to have everybody just leave me alone so I can pursue my own life.” Well, if only the material world exists, if there's no God, there's no Jesus, there's no Holy Spirit, there's no heaven, [and] there's no hell, what do you have left? You have your body. You have bodily autonomy. So, the Democrats have found it to be rather easy on issues like abortion to say, “If you voted for a Republican, they're going to take away your bodily autonomy.” And [Gen Z thinks] “Oh, my goodness, that's the only thing I've got. So I'm going to obviously not vote for those people.”

What this generation has not yet understood, and part of our responsibility is helping them recognize the foundations of a free society. What would enable us to ensure that kind of a freedom? Because if there's no such thing as truth, there really is no such thing as freedom. There's no such thing as justice. Those are just words we use, and you use them for your purposes and I use them for mine.

And who's definition of justice is the one accepted? Well, whoever gets the most power, we wrestle over it. And if I win rhetorically, then my view is the one that that sticks. When they think about it from that perspective, most of the gen-z young adults we work with don't think that's a good idea. So they're interested in going back into history and exploring. And this is a fascinating thing for the for the Christian community because we recognize, and Jewish people recognize this as well… this is the Judeo-Christian heritage—truth is not just a set of logical propositions. It does exist, but it's not just logical propositions. It's not just mathematical formulas. Truth is a person, it's Jesus.

In today's world, opportunities are endless. From global connectivity to technological advancements, the potential for growth, innovation, and financial prosperity is boundless. But it has not always been this way? So, how did we get here? How did America become the land of opportunity? Dr. Myers eloquently gave us the answer in one sentence.

It was because Jesus followers who believed that every person has dignity because we bear God's image, and Jesus is the truth, changed things.

We, as Christians in America today, can change things. We can protect biblical values. We can restore America. Part of the solution is empowering the next generation with biblical truth so that they too can protect and proclaim THE truth.


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