My Faith Votes | 2017 Year in Review


2017 Year in Review

Year in Review

By Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes

Following the 2016 national elections, many thought their responsibility of casting a ballot was over – but at My Faith Votes, because of your generous support, we didn’t slow down!

Over 2,000 local elections took place around the country in 2017! And we stayed hard at work ensuring Christians were aware of the elections in their communities and prepared to vote informed by their Christian faith.

I want to share with you some of what My Faith Votes was able to accomplish… Because of You.

Bibles to Congress

In February we did a simple act that was one of the most potent things of all we did in 2017. You made it possible for us to gift a Bible to every member of Congress in Washington D.C.

I had the privilege of visiting with more than one member of Congress who thanked us for the Bible and asked for prayer. On one occasion, we knelt down right there in the Member's congressional office, and we prayed for God to provide wisdom and guidance on every vote.

A visit to that member a handful of months later, and that Bible you gifted was all marked up with yellow sticky tabs. And had spawned the birth of a new Bible study for members of Congress inside the Capitol.

You reminded Congress that the only source of wisdom and truth comes from the Lord.

Welcomed Gov. Mike Huckabee As National Honorary Chairman

We were excited when Dr. Carson accepted his role as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the United States, but we were disappointed to be losing his great insight and passion with My Faith Votes.

But as always, God had an incredible plan. Because of all My Faith Votes was able to accomplish in 2016, mobilizing an unbelievable number of Christians to vote, Gov. Mike Huckabee was eager to join us in our mission.

Gov. Huckabee has been both a pastor and a seasoned politician, and he knows better than anyone the dire need to see Christians stand united at the ballot box for Biblical principles.

2017 was an exciting year to welcome him on board, and in 2018 we will rely heavily on his insights for expanding our reach to millions more Christians across the country!

Election Map

We published an election map leading up to the November elections so that more Christians could grasp the magnitude of the 2,000+ local elections taking place around the country.

Far too often we neglect to pray for our communities essential elections because we get so caught up in our busy lives we don’t even know they are taking place! So we forget to vote let alone pray!

That’s why we exist - to meet the needs of the Christian voter and engage more Christians to see the connection between their faith and politics.

We also provided additional church voting resources including a powerful new video to help churches understand the importance of Christians standing for Biblical values.

Personal Voter Assistant

We utilized technology to mobilize Christians to get to the polls. Every Christian who signed up for our personal voter assistant in 2016 and in 2017 received reminders about their local elections and even information on their local polling location. We had a remarkable 90% voter turnout rate among those who used our voting technology.

We sent over 20 million emails just in 2017 alone to ensure every single Christian within our reach didn’t miss their God-given opportunity to stand for Biblical values at the voting booth!

Revive Us 2

In October we had the opportunity to sponsor Kirk Cameron’s second National Family Meeting, Revive Us 2, broadcast from the Museum of the Bible before it’s grand opening to hundreds of movie theaters across the country.

Tens of thousands of people heard a faith-based conversation on finding a Biblical path to unity with insight from Dr. Ben Carson, Ravi Zacharias, Joni Eareckson Tada and many others.

It was an inspiring night to say the least, and you made it possible because of your support to see more Christians turn their faith into action in our nation!

You can watch a piece of the program My Faith Votes was privileged to create!

School Board Elections

You made it possible for us to draw attention to the importance of school board elections in our local communities. In Douglas County Colorado we brought national attention and Christian support to the issue of faith-based school choice.

We provided Christian voting guides and voting resources for churches and schools to help them understand the importance of their faith-based vote.

New Technology

We launched new technology that allows you to send emails to your own elected officials with the click of just a couple buttons to make sure your representatives know about the Biblical issues you expect them to uphold.

My Faith Votes sent over 155,000 emails to members of Congress regarding critical matters such as tax reform, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and the Johnson Amendment.

National Victories

Because of Christians’ votes your faithful work and support to see Biblical values win, we have witnessed some victories for Christian principles!

  • A new Supreme Court Justice who is Pro-life and stands for religious liberty.
  • U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem (home of Judeo-Christianity).
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now defines life as beginning at conception.
  • Religious Freedom protected by the Supreme Court's ruling in Trinity Lutheran v. Corner Case, allowing religious institutions to receive government grants.
  • The Mexico City Policy reinstated by President Trump and his administration, which stops the funding of abortions overseas.

And these are just the highlights! People of faith now have allies and even friends in the highest offices of our government working to ensure life is protected, religious liberty upheld, marriages and families valued and to see compassion granted to those in need.

This has happened because of your stand and your support.

As we look to 2018, we know it will be a crucial year for Christians to stand for Biblical values. The midterm elections will not only determine a new political landscape in the House and the Senate but also in courts across America as the new Senate will confirm judges and possibly another Supreme Court Justice.

May I ask you to please prayerfully consider helping My Faith Votes reach our $500,000 year-end goal?

Engaging more Christians to vote will take dedicated support from people like you by donations and through prayer.

When Christians stand united, we can make a difference for Biblical values!



My Faith Votes—is a nonpartisan movement that motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth. By partnering with national faith leaders, My Faith Votes provides resources to help Christians Pray, Think, and Act to create an America where God is honored in the public square.

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