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Georgia and The Nation Need Your Help

The eyes of the political world have shifted to Georgia, where two run-off elections are set for January 5. The stakes could not be higher; these elections will determine who controls the U.S Senate and which vision charts the next course for America.

If there was ever a time for Christians to STAND for Biblical values, it is right now in America.

While the opportunity to write postcards and letters has passed, you can still make phone calls to Christian voters in Georgia, encouraging them to vote.

Together, let’s equip and motivate Christians in Georgia to vote.

The response to our Georgia Postcard Campaign has been so overwhelming, and we now have the number of volunteers we need to send the 1 million cards we have printed.

But there is still a way you can make a difference from your own home!

There are more Christians in Georgia that need to hear from you, so we have created a letter writing campaign. We provide you with the letter and the names and addresses, and you provide the rest. Just print the letter (using your home printer will work great!), sign your name, address the envelope, and add the stamp. Every letter you drop in the mailbox is making an impact in Georgia!

The minimum commitment per volunteer is 50 letters...and please feel free to do as many as you are able.

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