Standing for Biblical Values in America
For decades now our nation has drifted away from God and from Biblical values. Millions of Christians have become apathetic, neglecting to bring their faith into the public square and the voting booth. Christians have believed for too long that they are a small minority in this cultural war our country is engaged in. But that could not be further from the truth.

Christians have tremendous influence, especially when we unite, turn our faith into action, and stand for Biblical principles at the voting booth. We are 90-million strong. We have the ability to re-establish America as a nation where God is honored from local school boards to the highest levels of federal government.

There are over 9,000 critical elections across the country in 2018. Local school board elections, mayoral, governor and senate races all play an important role in representing Judeo-Christian values. And the 2018-midterm elections are just around the corner.

We believe Churches are the best institutions, and pastors the best leaders in the nation to influence and inspire Christians to engage and transform communities, states, a culture, and a nation.

Christian Voting Statistics
It’s estimated that there are at least 25 million strong Christians in America who love God and believe in the Bible, but who do not vote. At the same time, every presidential election in the past 25 years has been won by less than 10 million votes.

By staying silent, believers allow non-believers to decide who will run our government and create our public policies. If we want to see America return to her Godly heritage, we as Christians must act, and we must act now. We must pray, and by all means, we must vote.

We have the opportunity together to join 90 million Christians in America to stand strong for Christian values by voting – so that America stands strong for God.

Why Christians Should Vote
In Exodus 18:21, Moses was instructed to, “[S]elect from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers.” We must do the same thing. Voting is a powerful way to make our voices heard. It is not only one of our greatest rights as citizens of the United States of America; it is also our responsibility as Christians and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe there are four core reasons our faith is essential in the cultural and political conversations of our time.

  1. Religious freedom
  2. Sanctity of life
  3. Strong families and marriages
  4. Compassion and support for those in need

Our Goal
We want to see 100% voter registration at every Bible-believing church across the USA. It starts with pastors and leaders leading the way and encouraging voting in our churches. At My Faith Votes, we are asking pastors and church leaders to encourage their members to vote their values. We want to invite those pastors and church leaders  to join us and  to lead their churches in taking a stand for righteousness in America.
We’ve created to help you get started. We have all the resources your church needs to promote voting, including:

You can also use the website as a resource for your members. On the site, your members can:

If every pastor will encourage members to register and if every Christian will vote their values, we can change the future of our nation and see America truly be “one nation under God.” Please join in taking a stand for righteousness in our nation.