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Dear Pastor,

Thank you for standing in the gap and serving the Church in the critical role that you do. Your leadership is vital if we are going to see Christians unite and boldly live out their faith in all areas of their lives, including the public square and voting. I truly believe it begins with the local church.

We want to equip you to engage your church in the simple act of voting. Because whether it’s local, state, or national elections, we’re standing for biblical truth in the public square.

At My Faith Votes, we recognize that voting represents more than a political preference, but a declaration for God. And we know that by uniting through what we believe, we’re also standing against the spiritual opposition that stands against us. Voting is one simple way for Christians to act on their faith, and it is powerful.

We hope you will choose to remind your church of their opportunity to vote and encourage them to do so. Please select from the resources below that fit the needs of your church. Select one of the videos and an announcement slide to use in an upcoming church service and leverage the sample scripts to create your customized reminders for your church.

And don’t forget, as a pastor, your voice, and encouragement is the strongest motivation they will receive.

United. We Stand.

Jason Yates
My Faith Votes

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