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As a follower of Todd Starnes, the news is important to you, but sometimes we need help cutting through the media noise to learn about the stories most important to people of faith and the values we cherish? We’ve got you covered!

Our weekly Intersect publication takes the top four news stories of the week and looks at them from a "think, pray, and act" perspective. We draw from a wide variety of news sources to bring you the latest information on what is happening in America and around the world.

We take each story and "dissect" what is around that topic to help you think about the issue from a biblical point of view, pray about the situation at hand, and take simple everyday actions specific to each news story to make a difference.

We do our best to look at the news from an accurate, biblical, and truthful perspective.

Together, we hope you will join us to pray unceasingly, think biblically, and act consistently in our communities and our world.

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