Volume 2 • Issue 2 | Summer 2018 | America’s Future


My Faith Votes interviewed Dr. Tony Evans on what he believes Christians should keep in mind during this busy election season.

Dr. Evans is the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church and a My Faith Votes influencer.

Why is it important for Christians to vote in primary elections?

“It’s important for Christians to vote because the primaries will determine what the ultimate options are in the general elections. So if you want to have a say so later, you need to have a say so now. So that you are influencing what the options are later and not forced into a situation where your voice is not heard or where you don’t have the options that you don’t want.”

In your book, “How Christians Should Vote”, you talk about how there is a difference between simply voting down a party line and voting as a representative of God’s Kingdom, would you share with us the difference?

“Our ultimate allegiance is to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords not to political parties. God is the consummate independent. He only votes for Himself. So when it comes to our elections we must ask the question, which party platform, candidate and policies are most closely aligned to God’s kingdom value systems? Now even though everybody is not going to answer that question exactly the same way they should be operating from that same question. And that question should dominate the influence in their voting. The Kingdom of God trumps the kingdom of men. So if you totally vote along the party line without ascertaining God’s perspective then you could be voting against God because your loyalty is to a party.”

What message or truths do you believe Christians, at this time, need to be reminded of before voting in the upcoming elections?

“We need to be reminded of the fact that God did not set the church up to fix the White House. We need to be reminded of the fact that the biggest problem we have is the absenteeism of God. So No matter how we vote, if we do not bring the spiritual aspect into the social, political and governmental, then it will be a wasted vote regardless.”

We have so much division in our country, and it seems to be magnified in our politics. How is that division affecting the Church?

“That division is a reflection of the church. Because the church is supposed to be the one people of God but we have aided and abetted the division of the nation. We are trying to get the white house to fix what God will only fix through the church house.”

For the Christian, what does it mean to be unified or to have unity, especially when it comes to our politics?

“We can be unified in purpose even if we aren’t all exactly voting the same. In other words, no matter who you vote for, when you come out of that voting booth, based on your Kingdom values, you make your decision in the voting booth, but when you come out of that voting booth you are living for the Kingdom of God. And that becomes the key beyond the vote.”