Correction to August 6, 2020 Email Message

Do you know what happened this weekend in the streets of Portland? Left-wing radicals burned a stack of Bibles. Yes, Bibles.

And do you know what is now officially less than 3 months away? Election Day.

I can't think of two single facts that should spur us to action more so than these.

Look, I know full well that politicians will not solve the major crises facing our culture, but an election is a statement of what kind of society we wish to be. We’ll either empower people who understand the need for God and biblical values, or people who believe His word should play second fiddle to the decrees of government bureaucrats.

I prefer the former, and no organization is working harder to fulfill this vision than My Faith Votes. They’ve been launching an endless stream of new initiatives, most recently Our Church Votes, which is providing churches with the resources to prepare their congregations for November.

And so, with less than 3 months to go until Election Day, please help us approach the finish line in as strong a fashion as possible by making a donation to My Faith Votes.

If you’re wondering if you as one person can make a difference, reflect for a moment on Orlando Magic basketball player forward Jonathan Isaac. As every one of his fellow NBA players kneeled for the national anthem last week, he stood and prayed. Explaining his belief in the gospel over symbolic shows of unity, he said “Everyone is made in the image of God and we all fall short of God’s glory.”

To me, this is the embodiment of courage. And while we may not see it on the news, I know his example of following one’s convictions will inspire countless others across this country.

So when you see people burning Bibles in Portland, remember -- they know not what they do. The power to drive change lies within us, if we only have the courage to act.

Thank you for your ongoing support of My Faith Votes, and with our eyes on November 3, let’s keep our foot on the gas and continue fighting for our convictions.

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United. We Stand.

Mike Huckabee
Honorary National Chairman

My Faith Votes