Big Tech Petition

Sign our free speech petition to the House of Representatives

Together, we stand for free speech.

My Faith Votes is fighting to keep one of our most basic human rights: free speech.

For many years, big tech companies have been pushing a secular (and anti-Christian) ideology, forcing their many employees (and now all Americans!) to march to the beat of their drum or face sensitivity training, job loss, or social isolation.

Today, we ask you to stand with us as we petition the House of Representatives to act.

Dear Representative,

My Faith Votes stands for free speech, an integral democratic principle, which allows diverse and even “controversial ideas” to be tested in the marketplace of ideas — so that the nation can grow rich in great ideas.

But through the years, we have seen big tech companies push their ideological principles at the expense of freedom of expression — crushing “controversial ideas” from ever reaching the light of day.

These companies' rapid rise to power (and their monopoly on public online discourse) has signaled the death of free speech. Anyone who dares to stand for ideas or beliefs that are at odds with the secular (and often anti-Christian) ideas of these big tech companies are being silenced.

Social media accounts are deleted. Reputations destroyed by the media. Pressure is placed on employers to fire the “offender”, i.e., the American citizen who dares hold a biblical worldview.

Our Founding Fathers would be disgusted by these actions. Open debate has been replaced by one-sided monologues from virtue-signaling elites. More and more, we see influencers, celebrities, and successful Americans forced to recite secular ideologies — or face being canceled by the media and fired by their places of employment.

Today, the undersigned ask that the House of Representative work together to uphold the rights of citizens to speak freely without public censorship.

  • Big tech companies should be held accountable for their pernicious attempts to silence hard-working Americans who hold diverse opinions
  • The media should either remain unbiased in their reporting — or openly acknowledge their political allegiance without fear of censorship
  • Americans should be allied to hold a biblical worldview without fear or loss of reputation and livelihood

We look forward to learning how you will protect free speech and penalize those who tear down this constitutional right.